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Delicious breakfast – Nigerian man cries bitterly after girlfriend leaves him, friends mock him without pity

A young man sobbed uncontrollably on video after his girlfriend dumped him and his male friends took their time to mock him for it.

He collapsed to the ground sobbing, his male friends made fun of him while the women sought to comfort him in th video.

The girls could be heard asking him to get up off the ground and stop crying in the footage.

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Whereas the guys were making fun of him saying, “Why your babe go leave you” over and again, they added, “this guy don chop breakfast.”

In the midst of the mixture of sorrow and humor, the bereaved man’s sobbing became louder.

Social media reactions

Social media users shared their take on the situation.

@TheBeloved: “Such things still they happen? I have learned to move on since 3 years ago when Veronica served me breakfast though it wasn’t easy. Heart break no dey scare me again”

@CRAD_BRANX: “Òdè. Person still dey serve person breakfast for this Buharinomics? Na person wey still get pity for eye chop belleful for Buhari country na him dem dey serve breakfast. #Kálá”

@Ismali: “He’s still young, I’m sure he’s not more than 20. Focus on getting the bag, young blood.”

@ItodohE: “This one don jonse, I pity men who bothers themselves about this, a woman can never love any man. Just provide security for her not all this tears nonsense”

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Nigerian man in Tears after seeing his girlfriend with juju in his car

Meanwhile, a Nigerian lady moved her boyfriend to tears after he caught her preparing a charm (African Voodoo) for him because of her desperate need for a car.

In a video posted on TikTok, the guy captured the moment he met his girlfriend preparing fetish rites in his car right under the driver’s seat.

Surprisingly on getting to the car, he saw the lady with some unusual activities and decided to pay a close look.