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Nigerian man expresses frustration after spending two years in Europe without any success

A Nigerian man recently shared his ongoing struggles after leaving the country and spending two years in Europe.

Despite being overseas for a significant amount of time, the man was unable to secure suitable employment or decent housing. In a video posted online, the man can be seen residing in a makeshift wooden tent.

The young Nigerian man disclosed that he is homeless and sleeps outdoors.

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He shared his frustration with his current circumstances and the lack of support he receives. He shared his belief that while he struggles, no one is willing to assist him.

He added that when he achieves success, family members will begin requesting money from him.

The man displayed the poor living conditions of his makeshift home and emphasized that he was currently in Europe, not Africa. He expressed his hope of improving his situation within a year and making money.

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Nigerian man prays for $100m, receives answers instantly

In other news, a Nigerian man attending an evening mircale program fervently prayed to God for a whopping $100 million, and the video went viral.

He genuinely prayed for a huge amount of money and did not anticipate the outpouring of support that followed.

After hours of trending on social media, the man was invited to the podium and received support from many people. Although the exact amount was not disclosed, his facial expressions while receiving donations showed that it meant a lot.

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