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Nigerian man pulls a ‘Hakimi’, puts his mother’s name on document, netizens react

A Nigerian man decided to pull a “Hakimi” after making some purchases and asked that his mother’s name be put on the receipt. 

Numerous Nigerian men have started to follow Achraf Hakimi’s example as a result of unfounded but widely circulated rumors that the PSG player put all of his financial affairs under his mother’s name. 

In a TikTok video, a Nigerian man spent N119k on items and asked the cashier to write his mother’s name on the receipt. 

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“Put my mama name for there,” he said as the attendant was about to pen write his name. 

He captioned the video, saying, “Make una put my mama name for everything.” 

For common charger

People found his act hilarious and made many comments. 

Iamsmall Baba: “For common phone charger, you want put Ur mama name.” 

Ayobami: “How all this girls that always ask for 2k go they see 2k collect now cos we guys have wise now all my own money they my mom account since Friday oo.” 

Kofi AdMin: “My mama don die but I go still put her name for there.” 

Eric Richardstar: “Put my daddy name for there, so daddy don die abi.” 

Henry Jones: “Shey na today this one de happen abi.” 

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Stefflondon speaks up concerning Hakimi drama

Meanwhile, Stefflondon has added her voice to the on-going divorce saga between PSG football player, Achraf Hakimi and his wife, Hiba Abouk.

The British born Jamaican rapper has stressed that no man owes any woman any returns from his life’s work, if she didn’t struggle with him.

She further stressed that it was utterly unfair to men to have their assets split into half and a portion given to a woman who didn’t render any sort of input.

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