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Nigerian man narrates buying truckload of yams N20 each from Makurdi, sells at loss in Lagos 

Irikefe Ogaga, a Nigerian living in Lagos, has written about his journey to Makurdi in 2014 to purchase yams. 

He claimed that after reselling the yams in Lagos, he would rise to the top because he had heard that it was a lucrative business. 

But when he bought the yams and went back to Lagos, he was informed that he could not sell the yams since he was not a member of an association. 

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He had to sell the yams at a discount after spending a lot of money on road taxes. 

He narrated on Twitter: “2014 I went to Makurdi and bought tubers yam. Those huge ones were sold for 20 naira. I said it’s a gonna be nice to take to Lagos. That they sell yam for 200-300. I was foolish sha. Got that J5 van, loaded it with yam of like 40k. We headed to Lagos that night, oh boy. I dn buy land for lekki for my mind from Benue.” 

“There’s this agric tax force and police. Each check point is like 500 naira bribe. You Must Pay or else na wahala. Spent thousands of naira for police, finally got to Lagos and was asked to go to Jobowu that they’ll buy the yam. Lies. Omo, they told me that they don’t buy yam from people who are not part of association. 

“For me to sell yam I must be part of association. Guy, where I wan our yam? They forced me to sell a give away price because I was not part of yam sellers association of Lagos. Huge loss coupled with risking my life. Never again.” 

Social media reactions

Netizens acknowledged his plight and some had consoling words to give.

Oska King said: “You gave up so easily, by now you could’ve been a major exporter of yam.” 

Ifeanyichukwu Agwu wrote: “Everything in Nigeria has a cartel. That’s why we can’t make much of progress unless we break these cartels by creative means.” 

Kemity coon added: “Funny thing! You would have been projecting your profit and boom lagos people shock you.” 

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Nigerian lady gets served yam and oil on first date

Meanwhile, a young Nigerian lady caused a stir on Twitter as she shared photos of a meal served her by a man she visited.

Her shock and disappointment was rooted in the fact that she was visiting this man for the first time.

From her tweet, the lady, @nihiinn, shared that the man she visited served her boiled white yam and palm oil.