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She hated me because I was short: Nigerian man shares how he married his wife who disliked him

A beautiful story of how a married man met and tied the knot with his wife has warmed the hearts of many on the internet.

The man, @Alaga! recounted how he knew his wife in Jss1 and how they hit it off later in the years when he replied to a Twitter user who asked “Couples… don’t all speak at once but… how did you meet your other half? Indulge me I’m a romantic!”

The funny man explained that he met his wife when they were in Jss1 where she was the class captain and she hated him because he was short and troublesome.

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Due to her dislike for him, the young man recalled how she once wrote his name in the nose maker list when he wasn’t in school and was brutally dealt with the next day for it.

I flog her now and I have 2 evidences to prove

He stated that the teachers didn’t let him defend or explain to them that he wasn’t around when she wrote his name and just flogged him. Many years later the couple met and hit it off and are now married for four years with two beautiful kids.

In a subsequent post, the man explained that her hatred for him then was so obvious that the principal of the school they both attended had to come to their wedding to confirm if it was true they were getting married.

“She was the class captain when we were in JSS1. Mocked me for bringing Eko and MoinMoin to school for lunch. Hates me because I was short&troublesome. One day, I was sent home for school fees so was not in school. Teacher told her to write noisemakers list. She wrote my name x100,” he said.

“I wasnt allowed to explain to the teacher that I wasn’t in school. how can I be a noisemaker. They flogged me like thief. Met her years later, and we kicked it off. I have been flogging her since then, I have two beautiful receipts to show for it,” he continued.

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Teacher marries after years of rejection from women due to his height

Meanwhile, after years of being rejected by women due to his height, a 39-year-old Cameroonian teacher named Kwoyela Derick wedded his lover, Kahboh Patience.

Kwoyela recently made news after both local and international media were interested in his unusual love tale.

He indicated at the time that his community is quite intolerant of persons like him who have height abnormalities and that most people do not associate with him, much less marry him.

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