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She said I looked like a lizard – Nigerian man reveals shocking reason he broke up with his ex-girlfriend

On Twitter, a Nigerian man using the handle @Capt_Aliyu has shared his reason for ending his relationship with his ex-girlfriend, which left him heartbroken and traumatized.

The man disclosed that he had been in a relationship with his girlfriend for about a year, and decided to test her loyalty by pretending to be someone else who was interested in her.

He sent her a message with a different number to inquire about her relationship status. To his surprise, she claimed to be single and said she ended her previous relationship because her ex-boyfriend looked like a lizard.

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Out of curiosity, he asked to see a picture of her ex-boyfriend, and she sent it to him. The man was left shocked and heartbroken by her response and had to end the relationship.

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Nigerian man impregnates wife’s apprentice

In another story, a woman was left in nothing but shock after she found out her husband impregnated her apprentice.

In a tweet, @ronke shared that the woman who was a hairdresser used to send her apprentice to her house to wash her clothes and do other things in her home.

However, the hairdresser was surprised when she found out her husband sleeps with her apprentice anytime she goes to their house to help her do chores.