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Nigerian man reveals how he married a woman known for flaunting her boyfriend online

A Nigerian man named Mai Daraja shared his story about winning the affection of a woman known for proudly displaying her boyfriend on social media.

Mai, who recently married his partner Maryam, recounted that their initial encounter took place on Facebook, after which they shifted their conversations to WhatsApp.

Despite observing Maryam’s frequent posts about her then-boyfriend, accompanied by affectionate captions such as ‘half of my life,’ Mai realized his growing interest in her. He mustered the courage to express his feelings and urged her to consider giving him a fraction of the attention she dedicated to her boyfriend.

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I dared her to give me half the chance she gave him

To his surprise, Maryam accepted Mai’s request, and from that moment forward, their bond deepened, eventually leading to a joyful marriage.

Sharing his story with a picture of their wedding photo, he said, “I met this girl on Facebook before we moved to WhatsApp. Her name is Maryam and she always wants to post about her boyfriend. She literally calls him “Nisful-Hayat” meaning “Half of My Life” in English and “Rabin Raina” in Hausa.

I requested for her love (in a jest) and she rejected it instantly because of him. I termed her reaction as “Unfair” because she didn’t even give a chance to other people except him, so I dared her to give me half the chance she gave him if she’s fair enough.

She asked me how? And there where I told her; “Since he’s Rabin Ranki (RR), allow me to become Rabin Rabin Ranki (RRR). And she jokingly agreed.

We started calling each other RRR from there and the rest is history.”

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Nigerian man loses job in UK over viral video fallout Over Cats

Meanwhile, a Nigerian man residing and working in the United Kingdom (UK) was terminated from his job after a viral video surfaced in which he discussed his past interactions with cats.

In the video, the man revealed that he had believed cats to be associated with witchcraft during his time in Nigeria, leading him to harm and kill many of them.

Upon arriving in the UK, however, the man’s perspective on cats underwent a significant change. He acquired a cat-care job with a satisfactory salary, stating that he was fully dedicated to caring for a cat and earning £100 (equivalent to N57,414.97) per hour.