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This is so innovative – Nigerian students pay school fees with plastic bottles

A Nigerian school got netizens talking on Twitter after it was discovered that students paid their school fees with plastic bottles.

The school, located at Ajegunle called Morit International had a policy which students to paid their fees with plastic bottles.

According to a Twitter user, @Nsukka_okpa, the students are tasked to bring 5 bottles a day to cover for fees.

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The initiative helps parents afford their children education

The initiative was amazing as most parents in the area couldn’t education for their kids. However, with the intiative they could send all their kids to school for basic primary education.

The twitter user called on netizens to  to assist the parents and take the pressure off them a little them

He encouraged them to donate  books, pens, bags and socks if they could.

The Twitter thread had many positive responses as netizens quickly sent in monetary donations as they could afford.

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Nigerian man drops out of school to open large restaurant in UK

Meanwhile, a Nigerian guy Azeez Oayide who runs a well-known restaurant in Spitterfields, London, has revealed that he originally moved there to study.

Azeez Olajide, an outstanding Nigerian who dropped out of the University of Buckingham in London, UK.

He discovered another way to make a significant contribution to society by opening a restaurant in Spatfield, UK.