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Nigerian woman seeks a wife with true love’s kiss for mentally unstable uncle

A Nigerian woman posted on Facebook, appealing for assistance in locating a life partner for her mentally unstable 44-year-old uncle.

She emphasized that he possesses a significant inheritance and it is important for the family to maintain their reputation.

Despite his mental illness, she assured that he poses no danger or aggressive behavior, although he occasionally wanders off and eventually returns.

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She further mentioned that they were informed that a genuine act of love, like a kiss, might liberate him from spiritual captivity.

He’s 44 years old and has never known a woman

Narrating the story, she said, “#dearovy One of my mentally incapacitated Uncle is seeking for a wife, asides his mental issues, he gets lost once in a while but always finds his way home after some months. He’s the first son of my Aunt who is a second wife and inherited massive land and plantation in the east.

His Younger ones are all married and doing well, some outside the country
Please ma’am we are tired and it will be improper for his name to die like that. He’s harmless and doesn’t talk at all, just lost his reasoning because of evil forces. He’s 44yrs and never known a woman.

A good well brought up girl and a we can discuss marriage arrangements with his father who is still alive and loved him dearly
Nb(the family is prominent and wealthy)

The girl if agreed will be going on vacations and even to deliver in the abroad
If she wants to go back to school,we can take it into advisement after she puts to bed and we ascertain its ours
Or if she’s business savvy, she can get into the family bakery business

Recently, asides chaining him, it’s been revealed that only true love will unlock him and one or two persons have reported he stares at women for hours in the village market and weeps at the cries of babies”

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