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Nigerian lady shows off empty tins of baby food, praises her husband for being a father

A Nigerian mother made a short video to praise her husband for how much he has spent on their kid, while showing off empty tins of baby food.

The lady @dunnie030 displayed all of the empty baby food tins that her child consumed.

She showed how much money her husband had spent on being a father to her kids as she threw the tins on the ground.

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She told her husband that fatherhood was not for the weak after throwing all the empty containers on the ground.

Raising kids is not for the weak

Parents who commented on her story largely agreed with her. Some people disclosed the amount they spent on feeding their baby.

twinsheart said: “What about we mothers doing it without the help of a man?” 

tinadekO said: “We wey get twins nko? My boys started we Sma Gold. Baba twins No for body. God Bless All The Responsible Men.” 

monisolatrinket10 wrote: “We wey Dey take aptamil nko times 3 nan for 3 weeks May God bless all responsible father.” 

omodano commented: “Your husband dey try. How much are all those worth please?” 

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Netizens react to chubby baby’s energetic dance video

Meanwhile, netizens reacted to a trending video of a sweet, chubby baby dancing.

The toddler was seen twirling around inconsolably in the Instagram video while his mother captured the action. He appeared to be of Asian origin.

In this heartwarming video uploaded on Instagram by @naturelifeok, the baby boy was in a body-fit red sleepsuit.

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