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Nigerian woman sparks debate: You’ve failed as a man if your wife is happier at her father’s house than yours

A Nigerian woman named Tokoni Gloria caused a stir on social media with her recent statement. She stated that men have failed as husbands if their wives feel more at ease in their father’s home than their own.

She posted this opinion on Facebook on May 2nd. There she explained that a man’s responsibility as a husband includes ensuring that his home is a secure and comfortable place for his wife.

From her post, she implied that the house of every husband is meant to surpass that of the wife’s father.

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You can be comfortable in both

In her post she wrote,

“As a husband, if your wife feel comfortable and happy in her father’s house more than in your house, you have failed as a MAN,” 

The reaction to her statement were mixed. Some users agreed with her point of view while others criticized it, arguing that it places an excessive burden on husbands.

@kobokomaster_comedian: “Make una kuku kill man make man finally rest abegggg”

@njelwears: “Oga no place like home. Each time I’m in my family house, I’m always been pampered. There is this relaxation you feel. Forget talk.”

@mheenarh__: “What happened to being comfortable in both? No place like home oh”

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The land I bought for N1.5m is now N90m- Nigerian woman reveals

In other news, a woman reminded people of the importance of investing as she shared how she plough money into a land that is now valued 9x the price.

A young Nigerian man, @festussamuel068, duelled a video on TikTok of a woman revealing that a piece of land she bought for N1.5m is now sold for N90m.

According to her, she got the land when it was not developed 15 years ago and had to clear the weeds herself because it was a farmland.