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My friends tried to sabotage me – Nigerian woman recounts how she got married to an Asian man she met on a dating app

A young Nigerian woman has shared her remarkable journey of marrying an Asian man she met on a dating app, who not only bought her a car just two weeks into their relationship but also defied opposition to their union.

In a widely circulated video on social media, the woman, whose life has been transformed by her Asian partner, recounted her story. Despite facing challenges and opposition, she remained resolute in her love for him.

She disclosed that her friends tried to prevent their wedding by spreading rumors and even physically assaulting her. Undeterred, she continued to emphasize the deep connection she shared with her partner.

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I was already pregnant when we got married

“We met on a dating app, and he is truly the best person I’ve ever encountered. Within just two weeks of dating, he surprised me with my dream car. A few months later, he proposed to me when I was already two months pregnant, unbeknownst to me at the time,” she shared.

The couple swiftly planned their wedding within a week, despite her being pregnant. Unfortunately, her life-changing journey attracted criticism and jealousy, leading to the loss of some friends who spread lies about her to sabotage the relationship.

Nevertheless, her wedding day was filled with haters, but she remained undeterred, knowing that God had paved the way for her. She expressed her unwavering belief that when God opens a door for someone, even their enemies are forced to acknowledge their success.

She concluded her story with an empowering message, urging others not to allow anyone to dictate their destiny. She encouraged them to remain steadfast in their faith and assured them that their time for success would come.

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Nigerian woman responds to those trolling her for marrying an older Oyinbo man

In another story, a Nigerian lady slammed social media users who trolled her for marrying the love of her life who is way older than she is.

Nkem Vivian, a 22-year-old lady got married to her German Oyinbo man early this year and ever since then she has not stopped flaunting her man.

However, netizens were not impressed with their age difference and immediately flooded her Instagram page to complain about their distress.