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Nigerian Woman’s romantic gesture backfires: Sells phone for fancy date, ends in heartbreak

  • A woman sold her phone to raise money for a special day with her partner. Later, she was deeply remorseful for it.
  • Unexpectedly, her partner betrayed her trust by starting to surreptitiously see her pal after she gave up her phone for the date.
  • When they learned what the lady expected in return for going on a date with a man, Nigerians who had first wished to support the lady changed their thoughts.

A Nigerian man, known as @salina_sunshine, conducted interviews to discover funny dating stories from women.

The first lady he spoke to shared that she sold her brand-new phone to treat her boyfriend to a date, only for him to still break her heart.

To make matters worse, she revealed in a video that he started dating her friend.

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Nigerian Woman’s romantic gesture backfires

In another interview, a woman mentioned that she sold her own phone to buy her ex-boyfriend a new one.

These stories sparked a mixed response from Nigerians.

Some found it hard to sympathize with the ladies because they had mentioned that a guy should have N100,000 and N200,000, respectively, to take them out on dates.

Social Media Reaction:

Georgebrain said: “I can see they reasons why them chop breakfast.”

Arikeh_baby said: “Too much of k dramas dem don watch king the land tire fancy”

restaurants ko.” Immaculate1 said: “Private restaurant like say na there papa get am.”

user5708245101145 said: “Thank God my mumu never reached this far.”

Watch Video Here:


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