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Nigerian women say it’s better to date married men – Chidera Sunflower

British-Nigerian writer, Chidera Eggerue, the host of Sunflower hour has revealed to the world that the best men to be in a relationship with according to Nigerian ladies are married men.

The 28-year-old fashion blogger who revealed that she has lived in Nigeria long enough stated that according to her research from Nigerian ladies, men who have tied the knot are better to date because they give the “best dating experience.”

Chidera added that it was unfortunate that ladies seem to agree to this but mentioned that it’s the reality in Nigeria.

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“I am a Nigerian woman and I’ve lived in Nigeria for long enough to observe, that it is unfortunate what I’m about to say and I wish this wasn’t the case, ok? But it is unfortunate that if you want to get the best dating experience – especially out of African men – specifically Nigerian men, then it has been said severally by women who are involved in this lifestyle, that it is better to date married men,” she said.

Reactions: Married men get more play and attention than single men

The young lady’s words had a lot of netizens pooling into the comment section. While most disagreed, few not only agreed but gave reasons for affirming her statement. See some comments below;

@shrdglass: This is wrong on so many levels and so anti woman in this here woman’s Month. Your happiness won’t be full if it comes at the cost of another woman in this way.

@asaa_sebat_sevn: I love and respect Nigerian women (Im Nigerian too) my ancestors wont allow me to date a married man. The ekpe his wife will send me is not even worth it! Let me soak garri in my house and sleep peacefully! Daalu!

@rainbowdust919: Bagging a taken person is not a prize worth winning.

@katetomasphd: Sometimes his behaviour is all the closure you need ??

@dahomiek: Real Talk: Married men get more play and attention than single men. Why? Because in the relationship status hierarchy, married men are the dominant group. That has always been the case throughout time. Study and research the history. Married men make more money than everyone else. Check the Forbes list – married, divorced, and/or fathers are always at the top. Married men live beyond life expectancy more than single men. Married men are heralded more in communities than single/unmarried men (unless the single men are narcissists but that is another discussion). Married men are the default and privileged ones regarding relationship status so knowing the history, patterns, and politics, SlumFlower is right. This is and has been worldwide including Africa. “Man’s world…” Know how it operates and that is how you understand how women navigate and fight to survive in it. ?

Lawyer advises ladies to stop giving their husband’s friends special food

Meanwhile, a human rights lawyer, @BolanleCole advised married women to stop giving their husband’s friends big meats and special food at their parties.

@BolanleCole shared this on Twitter while advising women to stop giving their husbands’ colleagues special treatment during parties because they recognize their husbands’ side chick.

According to him, the friends know their husbands’ girlfriends and they sit comfortably with these so-called friends or colleagues at their parties.

Adedoyin Adebisi
Adedoyin Adebisi
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