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Nigerians are pained: BBTitan fans react to Kanaga Jnr’s defeat

The highly anticipated finale of the “BBTitans” reality TV show left Nigerian fans disappointed. Their hearts broke because their favourite contestant, Kanaga Jnr, lost the grand prize of N45 million to South Africa’s Khosi.

The BBTitans show, which lasted for several weeks, saw a group of contestants living in a house and competing to win a grand prize. Throughout the show, Kanaga Jnr had been a fan favourite, with many supporters rooting for him to win the prize money.

However, in the final showdown, South African Khosi emerged as the winner, leaving Kanaga Jnr and his fans disappointed. The intense competition saw both contestants go head to head in various challenges, including physical endurance, mental agility, and creative skills.

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You’re still our king

Despite the loss, the Nigerian representative, Kanaga Jnr received praise from fans and viewers for his performance throughout the show.

Many expressed their disappointment on social media, with some saying that Kanaga Jnr deserved to win the prize money.

Some of the comments made by fans are seen below:

@_ana.stacey__: “You’ll shine more no be by 1000$.”

@ munausman: “See my WINNER HERE!!! Seeee Margin naaaa!!! Thank you for Representing Nigeria so well super proud of you!!! Lots n lots of success awaits KANAGA God bless all kforce.”

@reginaidiegbe_gigi: “KANAGA JNR!!…..Our WINNER Today , Tomorrow and FOREVER .”

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Ipeleng gives Ebubu free ticket to the finals with veto power

Meanwhile, after securing a spot in the finals, BBTitans star Ebubu’s position on the reality show took an intriguing turn.

Ipeleng won the supreme veto power game played last week, earning herself a ticket in the finals.

Ipeleng was given the task of choosing a housemate who will benefit from her supreme veto power. The choosing would automatically qualify the housemate for the finals during the live eviction show on March 12, 2023.

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