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She’s a rare gem: Nigerians react as policewoman hands socks to students

A Nigerian policewoman has been commended on the social space for her beautiful act of service to her fellow citizens.

In the video making rounds on social media, a police officer who controls traffic at Sabo area, Lagos was captured handing out socks to students who were heading to their school.

The generous woman held pairs of socks in her hands and gave students who were just on their sandals as they all flooded to their school.

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A Twitter user shared this beautiful video and many people who live around the area confessed that she was known for her kindness.

They added that she was like a mother to them and she chastise students who go to school late and try as much as possible to adjust their uniforms for them to be well dressed and prepared for school.

Reactions: A mum in uniform

The video had many netizens in awe. While many praised her for her kind-heartedness, others were having none of it as they asserted that no matter what she does they can never like a police officer. See some comments below;

@mrlilgaga_: Please how can I reach her. I’ll appreciate. Kindly dm with infos

@COnaifo: The police can show care and also be cared for. We should always commend the good ones. Thumbs up to her.

@yourz_trulli: She is the best and I know for sure she is giving them an earful as she is handing out the socks 🤣

@Toluwaleke__: She’s a rare gem

@ikoojoh: She’s always looking out for the kids

@itszirim_: A mum In uniform. God bless her.

@Layomi__O: A woman. A mother☺️

@Mhithii: It’s the Nigerian police, they can never do right in my eyes, I’m sorry.

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Police begins hunt for man who gave igbo to toddler in viral video

Meanwhile, a video of a young man who put a stick of marijuana in his little daughter’s mouth has gotten the attention of the Nigerian Police Force.

The short clip showed a supposed Nigerian father feeding a baby girl a stick of smoke with a giggling mother in the background.

The video, however, received widespread criticism on social media after President Ikemba exposed it via a Tweet on January 10.

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