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Nike invents Aerogami jacket that responds to user’s body temperature to keep them cool

  • Nike invents Aerogami, a wearable material that helps regulate the body temperature of athletes and runners.
  • The smart clothing was designed with moisture-reactive valves that open and close upon detection of perspiration on the body.
  • Aerogami will be used in the Nike Run division Aerogami Jacket.

When athletes need it most, Nike invents Aerogami, a brand-new performance gear technology that boosts breathability.

A venting technology called Aerogami creates more breathable performance clothing with on-demand ventilation by automatically adapting to your demands.

The new type of material has moisture-reactive valves that automatically open and close when they detect perspiration on the body.

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The technology makes its debut in the Nike Run Division Aerogami Jacket and is designed to address the age-old issue of runners controlling their body temperature and ventilation while donning a running jacket.

Scientists and innovators from the Nike Explore Team (NXT) and the Nike Sport Research Lab (NSRL) were motivated by a desire to meet the demands of runners to develop Aerogami, a novel clothing technology that makes its debut in the Nike Run Division Aerogami Jacket.

A venting technology called Aerogami creates more breathable performance clothing with on-demand ventilation by autonomously adapting to your demands.

It’s intended to produce goods that communicate with your body as you warm up, perspire, and cool down.

Nike invents Aerogami: How it works

As perspiration accumulates against the skin, tiny wing vents expand, improving ventilation and helping sweat to evaporate.

The valves close again once the body has cooled and the perspiration has dried. This capacity results from a moisture-reactive film that has been put to the vents and which, when it detects sweat against the body, autonomously shrinks and expands.

The new Nike Run Division Aerogami Jacket has venting systems on the back and across the chest, two places where runners tend to perspire and overheat the most.

These systems allow air to pass through the jacket as runners move.

The vent placement differs between the women’s and men’s jackets to allow for gender-specific needs, such as vents on the women’s jacket around the area where a sports bra sits, which were informed by testing in the NSRL’s environmental chambers and data visualization from runners’ heat and sweat maps.

“Aerogami is our latest example of Nike’s culture of innovation focused on solving the timeless needs of runners,” says Jahan Behbahany, Senior Apparel Innovation Product Manager in Nike’s Advanced Innovation Collective. “We know feeling too warm, uncomfortable and distracted while wearing a running jacket is a common challenge many runners face, so we’ve obsessed developing an innovative solution that gives them increased breathability without compromising style and protection. What’s great about this technology is not only can the athlete feel the benefit, but they can also see it.”

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