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No more paying house rent – Mother of three joins the league of young home owners

Regardless of the discussions about income and investing in wealth-building rather than acquiring liabilities, owning a home is always a major accomplishment for many individuals.

Recently, there have been numerous viral videos of people commencing and finishing construction of their homes. What makes these developments more remarkable is that a substantial proportion of the landlords are young individuals.

One such instance is that of a mother of three who became a sensation days ago when she uploaded a TikTok video showcasing the modest house she constructed using over 300 blocks.

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The lady not only built the house but also installed a wooden door and tiled the floor. Additionally, she had a bed put in the house.

The video of her remarkable accomplishment garnered massive attention on social media, with many individuals lauding her efforts and commending her resourcefulness.

Her story serves as an inspiration to many who dream of owning a home, particularly young individuals who believe that owning a property is an unattainable goal.

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Young man erects 1-room apartment on his land

In a similar story, a certain man, @1issa_m won over Mzansi with his realness about the circumstances of life after he posted a video of his new home. It showed the recent construction of his one-room, from the foundation up.

In the video, the man expressed his pride in his new home, even though others might consider it small. He acknowledged that he is still young and hopes to one day have a bigger home to brag about, so people can judge if they want.

@1issa_m’s video highlights the importance of celebrating even the smallest of victories and finding joy in one’s accomplishments, no matter how modest they may seem.

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