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Nobody loves me: Nigerian lady cries out and blames the scars on her face

A devastated lady cried uncontrollably in a video because of her inability to find love or be loved by anyone.

She lamented at her lack of a relationship and blamed the scars on her face for being the reason she could not find love.

The lady admitted that she felt as though love might not be for her and was ready to throw in the towel.

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They don’t love me because of my scar 

The woman claimed in a TikTok post that has been deleted that she is single because men are turned off by her appearance.

She published her photos in a later post and expressed her resignation to fate, suggesting that perhaps love is not on her side.

In her words:
Why is that nobody loves me? Is it because of the scars on My Face?

Reactions: Learn to love yourself 

The video attracted a lot of reactions from netizens with many people encouraging and advising her. Let’s take a look at some of the comments 

chioma4eva: This can be mentally psychologically and emotionally painful and devastatingly traumatizing to say the least but Sis hear this for a fact, no matter where you are in your life or your predicament or situations or what you are going through…once you still have breath in life you still have life in you, YOU ARE A WINNER…in my grandmother voice ONYE NWERE NDU GBARA FIRST…cry no more and let your joy and fulfillment come from within you…you have it right inside you and there are many you are better off than…wipe your tears and cry no more na | GBARA FIRST

linus881608: Even us that don’t have scarce and they love us today tomorrow you will regret their love. So my dear. Love yourself. That’s first step. Learn to love yourself. Don’t cry instead learn to love yourself. Because of the others will Still come loving you but inside they hate you and stab you behind still.

@gylliananthonette: Self love matters alot… Your scars are beautiful, dnt ever feel less of yourself

@realwyzdomnoble: Take a chill pill baby girl you are beautiful,even we way no get scar for face de chop steady break fast. Relationships ain’t working na s3xual transaction we de dos-

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Lady warns Nigerians to marry before relocating abroad

In another news, a Canada-based lady shared on social media, warning Nigerian ladies that there are no husbands abroad.

She informed other Nigerian women who planned to move abroad not to expect to find love there.

The lady advised women to find their husbands in Nigeria or even get married before moving abroad.

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