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I wish my father forgave me before he died – Nollywood Murphy Afolabi’s 1st child breaks down at dad’s funeral

The untimely demise of Nollywood’s Murphy Afolabi left everyone in shock, and during his funeral on May 15, one of his children delivered a heartfelt speech.

According to reports, the young man, who is believed to be Afolabi’s first child, spoke about the loving and supportive relationship he had with his father before his death.

He asked for forgiveness from his father, acknowledging that he had offended him in the past, and hoped that Murphy Afolabi would show him mercy in the afterlife.

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Furthermore, he shared a surprising revelation about his father’s generosity. The son disclosed that he unexpectedly received a sum of N150,000 from Murphy Afolabi and was even invited to bring along his wife and daughter, something he had never asked for before.

With tears streaming down his face, the son offered heartfelt prayers for his father’s soul, showing the emotional impact of Murphy Afolabi’s passing.

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Nollywood Veteran Actor Saint Obi Passes Away at the Age of 57

In other news, Nollywood was thrown into mourning following the passing of another of its veteran actors, Obinna Nwafor, popularly known as Saint Obi.

The prolific actor, who was also a film producer and director, reportedly passed away on May 7th at the age of 57, in the home of one of his siblings.

Although the news of his death took almost a week to be made official due to a family disagreement, the legacy he left behind in the film industry cannot be disputed.