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Nuella Njubigbo Weds Uche Ogbodo Ex-husband

Nollywood actress Nuella Njubigbo has reportedly tied the knot with Carlos Jean, the ex-husband of her colleague Uche Ogbodo.

The marriage news came just days after Njubigbo’s ex-husband, Tchidi Chikere, unveiled his new bride.

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Nuella Njubigbo embarks on a second marital journey

According to reports, Jean recently returned to the country after serving a jail term in a foreign country.

A video of the couple’s court marriage ceremony at an undisclosed location has been making the rounds on social media, with mixed reactions.

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Nuella Njubigbo, www.BattaBox.com
Nuella Njubigbo weds ex-husband of Uche Ogbodo

While some have congratulated the new couple, others have questioned Njubigbo’s decision to settle for an ex-convict.

Njubigbo and Chikere had divorced in 2021 after eight years of marriage. The former couple share a daughter together.

Nuella Njubigbo and her Ex-husband Tichidi Chikere, www.BattBox.com
Nuella Njubigbo and her Ex-husband Tichidi Chikere

The news of Njubigbo’s marriage has generated a lot of buzz on social media, with fans and critics expressing their views. However, the actress herself is yet to confirm or deny the reports.

Movie director, Tchidi Chikere has found love again after two unsuccessful attempts with his marriage.

In other related stories,the filmmaker had been married twice to two Nollywood actresses, Sophia Williams, and Nuella Njubigbo but both unions crashed over alleged infidelity and domestic violence.

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He announced the news of his new marriage, via his Instagram handle and stated that he is currently fine and happy whilst hiding his new wife’s face, he showed off her engagement ring.