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Operation remove your dp: Davido’s manager and lawyer remove their IG profile pictures in solidarity with their boss

Davido, a well-known Nigerian singer, has initiated a social media trend by removing his Instagram profile photo.

There has been a lot of chatter about the music star’s return to social media in March, and he recently made significant changes to his Instagram page. The DMW leader removed most of the photos on his page and deleted his Instagram profile photo.

In a new development, Davido’s lawyer, Bobo Ajudua, and his manager, Asa Asika, have shown their solidarity with the singer by removing their Instagram profile photos as well. The move by these two high-profile individuals underscores the extent of Davido’s influence on social media.

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If this album no sweet, I go swear for all of una mama

It is not yet clear what prompted Davido to remove his Instagram profile photo, but the move has certainly generated a lot of attention.

Some observers have speculated that the singer may be preparing for a new phase in his career or making a statement about the importance of privacy in the social media age.

Whatever the reason, it is clear that Davido’s actions have had a significant impact on his followers and on social media more broadly. Below are some reactions from netizens:

officalhorlarh345__: “Operation Remove your DP .”

 c_zarrrrrr: “If this album no sweet. I go swear for all of Una mama . Cuz Wetin be all this one .”

 justice_crack: “What if Davido delete his Instagram account are we all gonna delete ours?”

official_glorioux: “Make I remove my dp cos of who person were nor know if I don drink garri today make una Dey play .”

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Fan cries out as Davido makes post and deletes it moments later

Meanwhile, a female fan of Nigerian contemporary singer, Davido, cried her eyes out in a video as Davido made a post and deleted it.

The absence of the famous and widely accepted singer from the internet and social media has left his fans worried.

One of his female fans shared a video of her crying after she saw him appear online, dropped a post and deleted it almost immediately.