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Oyinbo lady backs baby the Nigerian way with wrapper, attracts attention online and offline

A young oyinbo lady surprised many people online after she showed the moment she backed her baby the Nigerian way in public. 

After tying the girl to her back, the lady known as @martinejarim on TikTok walked amid other white people who could not stop looking at her. 

Many people took photos of her and her baby from afar and along the way, a woman stopped them to play with the kid. 

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A particular lady asked for a closeup photo as the mum waited for them to take the shot. 

More people interacted with the mother and daughter on their way as well as people online.

Reactions: Wrapper first me enter overseas

Many netizens rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts about the oyinbo woman who backed her baby the Nigerian way. See some comments below;

Official Presh: “The legendary yellow wrapper every mother has it… in different designs.” 

I am Khan: “This wrapper still first me enter overseas.” 

Joan_skylar: “This is the right way to carry your child less stressful…. You’re beautiful so is your baby.” 

Babycruz: “The lady carrying her baby on baby carrier is going to buy rapper to try it.” 

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Nigerian man shows off Oyinbo lady who flew in to see him

Meanwhile, a Nigerian man fell head over heels for his beautiful Oyinbo woman and didn’t fail to make it known on social media.

The man named @obama1960 shared a video of himself and his woman on TikTok, making it known to the world that she is the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.

According to the young man, they met on social networking platform, Tiktok and have been communicating since then.