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Why will someone put this in a Restaurant all in the name of Aesthetics- Nigerian man reacts to an Artifact

A photo showing some artifacts in a Lagos restaurant has left social media users buzzing with mixed reactions.

The nature of the design has some people tagging the artifacts as voodoo popularly known as juju in Nigeria.

While some people think it is purely for aesthetic purposes, others have expressed unwillingness to eat at such a restaurant

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In the photo shared by @feyiisetan, a figurine in a dress is covered in red paint, with the head sporting long strands of white-painted locs pointing upwards.

Behind the artifact is another one designed in a similar form but devoid of red painting. Instead, it is coated in white paint.


@CFC_Fyllipe: “I am not mad. I can’t eat in a place like this!!” 

@Sincerely_AO: “What restaurant? Let me make sure to avoid abeg “

 @yuteoflondon: “You’ll think it’s aesthetic but fetish people are getting really bold.” 

@iamRichyPerry: “Dem no dey put gods for shrine again now na for restaurant wahala for who go chop food here sha”.

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I don buy food 10 times today because of this girl — Nigerian man falls in love with a restaurant salesgirl

In other news, a Nigerian man claimed he has become a regular customer at a restaurant after falling in love with one of the salesgirls.

He said that his strong feelings for the lady moved him to purchase food at the restaurant about 10 times.

The beautiful girl seemed to be unaware that a video was even being made of her.