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Playing a fool in the name of submissiveness for your spouse is unhealthy- Betty Irabor counters Pastor Julie words

Betty Irabor, a media personality and mental health and wellness advocate has given her response regarding the statement of Pastor Julie who shared how she kept her marriage for 39 years.

Battabox reported that the Nigerian clergywoman stated that her marriage was able to last 39 years because she acted foolish even when she was right.

In reaction to her statement, many were not in support and another person who disagreed with her words was Betty Irabor.

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According to the founder of Genevieve Magazine, she has also been married to her husband for 39 years and she wholeheartedly disagrees with the pastor’s word as she asserted that it is unhealthy for a woman to play a fool just because she wants to maintain peace in her home.

She added that it is emotionally and physically draining for a woman to act like her husband is always right just to show that she is submissive.

“Eeeya. I have been married 39 years too… Playing a fool for that long to maintain peace in the name of submissiveness or respect for your spouse is unhealthy; mentally, emotionally and physically. Gosh! But if the formula is working for her marriage I salute her,” she said.

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I became a fool for my marriage of 39 years to succeed – Pastor Julie says

Meanwhile, Pastor Julie claimed that her 39 years of marriage was successful because she chose to act foolish.

In a popular video, Pastor Julie gave counsel to married couples based on her own experience of being married for 39 years. 

She claimed that in order for her marriage to succeed, she had to play the fool ad act like her husband was right even when he wasn’t.

Adedoyin Adebisi
Adedoyin Adebisi
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