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Come let me teach you things – Side chick fires back at Caramel Plug

Shalom who was dragged alongside multiple insults by Caramel Plug for collecting money from her boyfriend has fired back at the influencer.

Caramel had earlier made a post on Snapchat where she hurled demeaning words at her boyfriend’s side chick, Shalom.

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It was reported that Caramel’s boyfriend had funded Shalom’s account while on vacation with his main chick.

Caramel got hold of this information and refused to let it slide. She called out the lady on Snapchat and called her names.

Reacting to Caramel’s post, Shalom fired back at Caramel and asked her to step down from her high horse and seek her friendship since Caramel was visibly obsessed with her.

She further advised Caramel to come to her for advice as she feels the influencer is greatly obsessed with her.

It’s Embarrassing to Help Someone Because You Want to Sleep With Them — Influencer, Caramel Plug