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The Best 5 Private Universities in Abuja

Many of us might have probably heard about the private universities in Abuja. This list was a tough one to pick as all of these universities are top-notch universities.

But we are here to allow you to make an informed decision when you want to choose a university.

Private Universities in Abuja

Private universities have become an important part of the Nigerian education system. They are what we can call an improvement to the culture of learning in the country.

Asides from the reality that these universities are fast becoming a sight to behold to other institutions in the country. The manner and environment they provide for learning are utterly beautiful.

It will not be a wrong assertion, if you are skeptical about the enormous price that is required for you to get into a private university.

Gone are the days when there were notions that private universities do not offer the same standards as federal and public universities.

Private universities have also shown that they have standard facilities to compete with the best in the country and the world.

Currently, in the country, Abuja has some of the best and most expensive universities in the country.

In fact, two of the top private universities in Abuja made it into the top five list of schools with the highest tuition fees in Nigeria. We will be talking about some of the best private universities in Abuja.


Private Universities in Abuja

1. Baze University

Baze University

Baze university Abuja was founded in 2009, and it is one of the top Private universities in Abuja. It is located in the Wuse II area of the city.

The population of their student is well over 4,000, and they offer a number of undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

The university is the second most expensive university on the list we will be giving out. It is also the second most expensive university in Nigeria overall.

Asides from the type of students the university attract, their facilities and standard of learning are top notch too. Here are the fees of some of the departments in the university:

2. Turkish Nile University

Turkish Nile university sits right at the top as undoubtedly the most expensive Private University in Abuja, and in Nigeria.

The University can confidently boast of one of the best learning environments and the most comfortable also.

Private Universities in Abuja

Every aspect of the University is international on all fronts, as the quality of learning justifies the amount of money people pay to study there. Here are the fees for some courses there:

  • Medicine and Surgery (MBBS): N5,750,000 yearly
  • Bachelor of Law: N2,500,000 yearly
  • Computer Engineering: N2,300,000 yearly
  • English Language: N1,700,000 yearly

For more information about what the university has to offer, you can contact them via Email: or Website Contact: +234 806 942 4444

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3. Veritas University

 Veritas University

Veritas university was founded in 2002, by the catholic church of Nigeria. It didn’t take long for them to be accredited when they began operation, as it only needed a single visit from the NUC to get it done.

The environment is conducive, also the facilities are too notch for learning.

The amount they pay might look like a lot more when you hear it for the first time, but it is well worth the amount in the end.

They are a top-notch institution, with a student body that is dedicated to learning and a faculty that takes teaching passionately. If you want to know more about them, you can visit their website or email


4. Bingham University Abuja

The university is one of the top universities in Nigeria, and it is also a private university in Abuja that is affordable.

The University has a number of payment plans made available, in other to make it easier for affordability.

Another plus is that there are a lot of scholarships available, so you can ease your worry about affording them.

Private Universities in Abuja

Bingham University has a total of 11 faculties, and they are excellent. The University is dedicated to helping its students succeed in the future.

Each course brings about a unique learning experience, and there are various extracurricular activities to enjoy too.

If you are an aspiring student interested in studying at Bingham University, you can check out their website, their email is also available for contacting them or you can also put a call through to them if you have any questions.


5. African University of Science and Technology Abuja

The African University of science and technology is one of the top Private Universities in Abuja and Nigeria.

The University was founded in 2009 with the sole purpose of improving the standards of academics in the country.

At the moment, they only offer graduate level by a combination of coursework and research programs with cutting edge.

There is a lot of support for the University across the world, through international partnerships and relationships that were established.

Students that came to the institution were able to get scholarships, this was done for a full decade.

This is due to the fact that they were upholding the original plan of the late Nelson Mandela when he said that “nobody with the ability to conduct valuable research or study, should be stopped from doing so due to lack of funds”.

Contact Details:

Address: Km 10 Airport Road, Galadimawa, Abuja F.C.T, Nigeria.



Mailing Address: African University of Science and Technology, P.M.B 681, Garki, Abuja F.C.T, Nigeria.

General Enquiries

  • Student Affairs: +234-907-034-3077
  • Admission Officer: +234- 907-034-3070

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FAQs on Private Universities in Abuja

Which is the cheapest private university in Abuja?

Although there are a lot of cheap private universities, here is our cheapest:

Veritas Unversity, FCT
African University of Science and Technology, FCT
Baze University
Turkish Nile University

10 Most Affordable State Universities in Nigeria

This is a list of the 10 most affordable state universities in Nigeria. They include:

Gombe State University
Nasarawa State University
Taraba State University
Benue State University
Ekiti State University
Akwa Ibom State University
Lagos State University
Kogi State University
Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko
Kebbi State University of Science and Technology

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