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Proud women lay wrappers on the ground as fresh female graduate returns home

A female graduate was received home and treated like royalty by excited village women upon her completion of university studies.

In a trending TikTok video, the women surrounded the car that took the female graduate home. They went and waited for her with wrappers spread out on the ground.

The women cheered her on as she arrived in a car, wearing her academic robe.

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One of the women turned a bucket into a drum and struck it in jubilation.

Several women trailed her and packed the wrappers as she trod on them. 

Social media reactions

Netizens shared that they wanted to be celebrated like that as graduate like that too.

Kween_alimah wrote: “I can’t wait to graduate so I can see my mom smile, shed tears of joy and be proud of me.” 

chamdory24 commented: “I claim this power to me congratulations babe… till we make our moms proud.” 

Bodysilk_herself added: “Glad to See women education celebrated from the grassroots congratulations.” I’m here for the comments said: “I pray God provide you a good job to make them more happy.” 

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Frustrated Nigerian graduate begs for job by the roadside

Meanwhile, a frustrated Nigerian man, Kerker Orvande Cyprian, was pictured by the roadside holding a placard pleading with passersby to help him secure a job.

The graduate, @iamflamezjnr, shared on Twitter that he has gone to several places to seek a job, but unfortunately, all his effort has been futile.

The man, without any idea what to do next, carried a placard that read, “Sir/Ma, pls help, I need a job, Bsc. Political Science, Thanks.”