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Rema Sets the Record Straight on Stealing His Friend’s Laptop

Rema, the popular singer, has addressed the controversy surrounding the lyrics of his hit song ‘Holiday’, where he was accused of glorifying theft.

In the song, Rema boasted about stealing a laptop from a friend during his struggling days in Benin.

However, in a recent interview with Cool FM Lagos, the singer clarified that he did not intend to glorify stealing and it was unfortunate that some people interpreted it that way.

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Rema clears air on stealing friend's laptop| Battabox.com
Rema clears air on stealing friend’s laptop

He added that the lyrics simply explained the scenario and were not meant to be taken so seriously.

Moreover, the singer also spoke about the misconceptions surrounding the cover art of his album ‘Rave & Roses’, which features an upside-down burning house.

Many people believed that it depicted a church, but the singer clarified that it was not a church.

The inspiration behind the cover art was an embodiment of himself,According to Rema, the whole house in the cover art represents him.