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I love Naija: Russian lady decides to settle in Nigeria while travelling around Africa

Kate, a Russian woman who settled in Nigeria, has shared her experience as a tricycle rider in the country.

She loves to travel and decided to explore Africa and arrived in Nigeria after visiting Morocco and Egypt. She fell in love with the country and decided to make it her home.

According to Kate, Nigeria has friendly people, good weather, and many fruits and food. Despite the challenges of living in Nigeria, such as power outages and water scarcity, she still loves the country.

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From manager to Taxi driver

She also explained that she was a taxi driver in Russia but was formally a manager at a milk factory but decided to become her own boss.

She found some good friends in Nigeria who also lived in Canada and started living with them.

Kate’s decision to become a tricycle rider in Nigeria surprised some people; they called her racist or laughed at her. However, that is not her only job; she also does acting and modelling and also features in music videos.

Kate wants to learn pidgin

She believes that Nigeria can become a better place if everyone works harder. She also pointed out that road safety in Nigeria is not good due to the lack of crossing space for pedestrians.

Kate is trying to learn the Pidgin language and wants her friends to come and join her in Nigeria. Her favourite Nigerian food is Poundo Yam and Egusi, which reminds her of Russian potato mash.

Kate’s story highlights Nigeria’s beauty and its people’s welcoming nature. It also shows that despite the challenges of living in the country, there are still opportunities for personal and professional growth.

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Lady hugs her oyinbo man who travelled to meet her

In another news, a lady was overwhelmed with joy after she saw her Oyinbo lover who travelled all the way from his country to see her.

In a video posted on TikTok, the couple were captured as they affectionately shared kisses and hugs after they met.

The white man who was at the airport was picked up by his woman who did not hide her joy at seeing him.