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Sequin Gown Styles You Should Rock in 2023

Sequin dresses are becoming increasingly popular in recent years, so as a 21st-century fashionista, it is imperative you update your fashion book with the different sequin gown styles you can rock in 2023.

Sequin fabrics are embellished with gleaming metals, beads, stones, and other shiny little embellishments that transform the wearer into a ravishing beauty when they are well-tailored.

This material has taken over the fashion world and has become a major interest for fashion lovers and enthusiasts all over the country. It is a great choice for your evening or dinner dress, wedding reception dress, Owambe style, red carpet appearance, and any other social gathering, formal or informal.  

Even brides enjoy putting on dresses made from sequin fabrics for their traditional marriage.

This fabric is very popular among women because it shines and helps the wearer appear even more appealing and alluring.

Sequin fabrics are available in a range of colours, including red, blue, black, green, and lots more. They are very popular at Owambe parties, where they are used as Asoebi materials, and they can be tailored into long dresses, short gowns, jumpsuits, two-pieces, and many more.

They can also be used to make bedazzled items such as bags, purses, bracelets, hair bows, etc. sequin fabrics can even be mixed with other materials like plain chiffon, veil net, cotton, organza and many more to create a unique style.

If you need to make a fashion statement this year, we have curated some sequin gown styles for you to rock in 2023. Make sure you read to the end and save one or two styles from rocking at your next Owambe or the next time you are walking the red carpet and keep your heads turning.

Dinner Gown Styles

Sequin fabrics are the most appropriate material to wear for evening or dinner events and red-carpet events because they keep you gleaming and shining all night. Dinner gowns should be bright and bold; this is exactly what your sequin gown will achieve, especially when matched with metallic silver or gold accessories.

Your dinner gown doesn’t necessarily have to be long. It could also be short. The most important thing is that it is stylish, fancy and fits into the event.

One thing about this fabric is that it already is a style statement on its own, and no matter the colour or style you rock, you will always pop out. So even if you don’t add standout details to your sequin gown style, know for sure that you will still be the cynosure of all eyes when you turn up at the event.

dinner gown with backless tease
dinner gown with backless tease

If you step on the red carpet with your plus one in this simple but elegant dress with the backless tease, you can bet your date will not be able to take his eyes off you.

mermaid sequin gown style
mermaid sequin gown style

You can also go for this mermaid style to flaunt your shape while taking some attention off the floor.

mermaid sequin gown style

This straight-cut dress is also an option for your dinner if your pair it with the right necklace. If you don’t have a problem with flaunting a little bit of cleavage, then this style will definitely catch your attention.

sequin gown style with slit
sequin gown style with slit

You can also add a daring slit to your sequin dress and give people a yummy dose of your thigh.

Short Sequin gown

Short sequin gowns are flattering and body-hugging. They can also be a perfect fit for your dinner and red-carpet event.

short sequin gown styles with frills
short sequin gown styles

Because it is a dinner dress does not mean it has to be boring. Switch up your dress with beautiful frills on the sleeve.

Slit Sequin

This asymmetric off-shoulder dress gives everything it is supposed to give to this gorgeous queen. Bet it would look even better on you.

sequin gown style
sequin gown style

These extravagant and statement sleeves are absolutely gorgeous with the subtle yet noticeable cut-out on the sides.

These sequin gown styles will have your date gleaming at you with pride all night long.

Asoebi sequin gown styles

Asoebi is a general term used to refer to a uniform outfit worn by a group of people for an occasion. It could be a wedding ceremony, a birthday party, a naming ceremony, a housewarming party or even a funeral. The term is, however, mostly used for wedding ceremonies.

Asoebi styles are usually worn to wedding parties, introductions, and engagement parties. It could also be a uniform outfit worn by the bride’s friends to celebrate her. These ladies are referred to as the ‘Asoebi girls’.

If your friend or sister is getting married and you have been chosen as one of the ‘Asoebi’ girls, and you need to slay without taking too much attention away from the bride herself, here are some beautiful styles for you;

monostrap corset
mono strap corset

This stunning mono-strap corset with the daring slit is elegant enough to draw a lot of attention to you but not steal the show from the bride.

sequin gown style

This green sleeveless sequin gown is also an option.

sequin gown style

This dress above is a bold style, and very few people can pull it off. It is different from the typical Owambe style ladies rock these days with the peplum, turtleneck, and long sleeve. If you think you are bold enough, then you can rock this style to your next Owambe.

extravagant sequin gown
extravagant sequin gown

Who says little has to be enough? This slitted flowing gown with the corset seems the right way to send your girl off to her matrimonial home.

Short dresses can also steal the show.

sequin gown style

Sometimes, little can be enough. This dress is modest yet classy and absolutely stunning.

This mermaid dress gives everything classy, gorgeous and show-stopping.

sequin gown
sequin gown

Another beautiful gown to help you steal the show.


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Traditional wedding sequin gown style

Your traditional wedding is a big deal, and even your dress should be a big deal. Sequin could also be used to sew your traditional wedding dress and also your reception dress.

bridal owambe dress
bridal Owambe dress

This beautiful dress can double as a traditional wedding dress and also as your wedding reception dress. It is simple and gives all shades of a happy bride.

When you show up to your traditional wedding in a dress like this, nobody can steal the show from you, not even your Asoebi girls. All eyes will be on you.

Gown styles

This sequin gown style is the best dress to wedding your husband in.


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 How to Accessorize your Sequin Gown

Accessories are a vital part of your outfit. The right accessories make your basic outfit look more than it actually is, while the wrong accessories can make even the most stunning outfit look basic. Your accessories include your shoes, bag, neckpiece, earrings, bracelets, rings, head tie, and basically everything you are combining with your outfit.

The way you accessorize your sequin gown says a lot about your style and can elevate your look even more.


The type of necklace you wear depends on the neckline of your sequin gown style. Some styles do not need a neckpiece at all, while some require just a tiny piece. On the other hand, some styles require statement neckpieces.


The types of shoes that match sequin dresses are mostly heels. So that should be your choice of shoe. The colour should depend on the colour of your outfit, but silver and gold will match all colours.


Some ladies love to wear head ties, while some prefer to show off their hair. The most important thing is that whatever you decide to do matches your outfit and the event.

Are sequin dresses still in style in 2023?

Sequin dresses are still very much in style now, and they are not going out of style anytime soon. In fact, they own all parties and out these days.


Sequin has become a major fabric in the fashion industry owing mainly to its elegance and ability to make anyone and everyone look absolutely stunning. And as a fashionista, you need to keep up with trends in the fashion world in order to stay on top of your game.

This is why we have curated this sequin gown style for you. You should take a leaf out of our book and upgrade your wardrobe with these sequin gown styles so that you can stun at your next Owambe, dinner date or red carpet event and thank us later.