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Seun Kuti Replies Fans Dragging Him for Not Posting About Davido’s Son

B-Pop singer Seun Kuti is making headlines for a recent video he shared in response to social media criticism for not posting about Davido’s son Ifeanyi’s death.

On the same day that Ifeanyi’s death was reported, Seun took to Instagram to mourn other children who had died in the country as a result of hunger.

The singer stated that he does not know Davido personally and that it would be inappropriate for his late child to be the first thing he posts about the singer.

Seun emphasized that he did not ask anyone not to mourn because everyone mourns in their own way.

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Seun explained that mourning other children was also a way of paying tribute to Davido, who once donated heavily to Nigerian orphanages.

Watch the video below:

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Nigerians react 

See the reactions below:

verygudbadgul2112: “The truth is if you don’t post me during my birthdays or good moments please don’t post me during my bad moments. I see it as fake love.” 

dumebiblog: “So everybody must mourn with Davido? Lol. Even those that actually don’t care about the boy will be talking rubbish.”

olowobnm: “No sense we are not in for this mood.” 

adunnimckinson: “You’re a brilliant man sir but this is damage control .David doesn’t need anyone’s validation & our sympathy won’t bring his son back . It won’t kill yoh to show small empathy and not trying to shade him at a time like this . God doesn’t like ugly , we hope your sudden campaign for children doesn’t end today , we will be watching.”