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She be better nanny: Mum and her kids cry as their nanny leaves after 14 years 

A family is experiencing profound sadness as their devoted nanny has finally bid farewell to their home. 

The family shared a heartwarming TikTok video capturing the moment of departure of their longtime nanny as they escorted her to the airport.

The video posted by @sheng091180 disclosed that the nanny had been employed by the family for a remarkable duration of 14 years.

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This is too emotional 

Upon reaching the airport for her departure, the mother and her children were overwhelmed with emotion and wept uncontrollably.

The children embraced the nanny tightly and were overcome with tears as the realization of her departure sank in. 

Observers at the airport noted the emotional scene, leading many to conclude that the nanny was considered a part of the family. 

Reactions: Finally you made cry 

The video has provoked strong reactions from TikTok users, with many admitting that it also brought them to tears. See reactions below:

@meenaqueenamina:If you shed tears let’s gather here?

@soul_searcher__:Just shows the amount of love this woman showed to these children, may her new chapter in life be filled with more love & blessings 

@___letty____: Aww those were her babies. You can feel the love in this video, she watched them grow up she knows them better then anyone ?

@otweytwey:This is too emotional Mehn ????

@adoreme1st:14 years? Sorry but she’s family and wouldn’t be allowed to leave ??

@pedrorojas8403:I cried when I left the person who took care of me. We moved to another country and she was with us for 10 years ?

@usejoro1:finally you made cry ?

@aubaba87:When the kids crying, it shows that’s she’s extremely good nanny


#life #nanny #14 years foreverinourhearts@Aisyah Samiun

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