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She is the salt of my life: Nigerian man impregnates wife’s apprentice

A woman has been left in nothing but shock after she found out her husband impregnated her apprentice.

In a tweet, @ronke shared that the woman who was a hairdresser used to send her apprentice to her house to wash her clothes and do other things in her home.

However, the hairdresser was surprised when she found out her husband sleeps with her apprentice anytime she goes to their house to help her do chores.

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Not only does the man sleep with the young lady, but he also fell in love with her and impregnated her.

The woman who couldn’t hold her pain vented her anger on her apprentice and beat her but was also hit by her husband for touching the pregnant apprentice because according to him, the young lady is the “salt of his life”

“This hairdresser on my street has been sending her apprentice home to wash clothes for her, apparently she has been sleeping with her husband, anyways apprentice is now pregnant, madam beat her up, the husband heard and beat madam up, saying “that’s the salt of his life,’ Ronke narrated.

“I actually thought they stopped this whole sending apprentice home to do house chores a long time ago because why am I paying to learn hair making from you and you’re sending me to go and wash clothes and cook in your house,” she concluded.

Ronke also added that the man had defended the young lady and told his wife that she rides him well.

Reactions: Serves her right

The lady’s narration had many netizens recounting their own experience. While many blamed the hairdresser for trusting an apprentice with her man, others laughed and gave similar situations they have witnessed. See some comments below;

@seemahs_couture: Serves her right.. cos why person go come learn work and u go dey send am make e dey do house chores for u. Tailors and Hairstylist are fond of doing this

@prettys_slim: Good for her sha next time she wont send them extra work they didnt come and learn

@Mild_Kerr: Salt of Weti?😹😹😹😹

@SIRKAY142: There are certain bad habit and behaviour of ours that many don’t seems to see anything wrong with, WHY? because they are “PROUDLY SUPPORTED” by our culture and tradition. Age long practices but people don’t wanna let go. Very synonymous with all handicraftsmen/women.

@jummieqiu: I was going to apprentice with one woman like that 2021 and while negotiating, I had to clear her straight up that she can’t sent me message o. I can’t sweep, cook, wash or buy amala ooo. She just dey laff.

@bukilola: Happened to my boss too, now baba has married apprentice as second wife.

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Pregnant woman shocked as she catches cheating husband 

Meanwhile, a pregnant woman was heartbroken when she found out her husband was cheating on her with a side chick.

In the video shared online, she called out her husband for lying and cheating on her.

The pregnant woman opened up about how she caught her husband lying to her that he was travelling to see his grandmother.

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