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Should a cheating partner be forgiven and taken back? – Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo asks

Popular religious leader, Kingsley Okonkwo has discussed a topic that some, if not most people have experienced or are experiencing in their relationships.

In a Twitter post, the clergyman inquired and also provided clarity to the topic of infidelity in relationships and marriages.

Pastor Okonkwo, who is well known for his teachings on marriage and relationships asked if a cheating partner should be forgiven or taken back.

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He suggested that there are several things to consider when cheating happens like, are the couple married or just dating? Was the cheat caught or they confessed? Are they ready to change or defensive?

Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo Credit: Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo on Twitter

Pastor Kingsley stressed that infidelity shouldn’t just be swept under the rug but has to be discussed and most importantly needs counselling.

Reactions: Cheating is an intentional act

Many netizens rushed to the comments section to give their two cents on the topic. However, some people with first-hand experience didn’t wait to share their experiences. See some comments below;

@Chimsoldan1: I’m currently into a mess like this right now. Not that I can’t take her bk, but no matter how I try, pray, or convince myself, the pictures won’t go off my head.
And she has begged me enough, even me I do pity her so much, but once I want to wave away the past, there it comes alive.

@Blessedbayby: Well, forgiveness in cheating shouldn’t pass twice, it it happens the 3rd time. Nahhhh.

@Kathybee22: Forgiven – yes. Take back – only for the first time.

@Realchinweike1: God help us o…. Cheating is an intentional act, is not a mistake. So if you forgive, how sure are you that the cheater won’t cheat again.

@Rita_Okaibe: Yes, I can. . If he genuinely acknowledge his wrongs and admit his cheat. Then we are good. But in the situation, where he has impregnated the other woman hmm, it won’t be easy to forgive him??‍♀️

@OluwaSetemi_: I’ll forgive but will never take you back.

@Gidado99: Hmmm… She cheated… She did not repent… I caught her red handedly… I forgave her we got back together and she did worst… For me as long as it’s outside marriage… Let the cheat go ..

@JoshuaIbk: Forgive? Yes but don’t ever take back.

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Pastor Kingsley cries out about level of nakedness in weddings

Meanwhile, previously reported how Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo lamented about the high level of nudity at weddings.

Having been fed up with holding in his view for so long, the Pastor cried out with zero fear for netizens who would disagree.

The relationship coach and marriage specialist wondered why ladies delight in dressing in pieces of material when they are more beautiful when properly dressed.

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