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Should your prayers bother others? – Young boy prays on the road, causes traffic

A young Muslim boy has gotten attention off and on the internet after he took to the road with his prayer mat to perform his prayer.

A video that was posted on TikTok captured how a young boy quickly drew attention from passersby after he prayed in a Muslim way on the streets.

In the video, the little kid despite the security man’s persuasion for him to move out of the road continued to observe his prayers without caring about the side eye he was getting.

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After the young boy’s determination to pray right there, the security personnel decided to pass the cars in the opposite direction, to prevent delay and harm.

Reactions: Try it here in Nigeria, you will see hell

The video created a mixed reaction from netizens; some laughed at the young boy’s antics but praised the security man for his patience.

Others were having none of it as they wondered why he had to pray on the road. See some comments below;

@Njanthanne9846: Salute security.

@Nikolay Jame: is he told to do it for attention.

@Sharlet williams hajari: Someone told this boy to do this for drama.

@Chimaobi Ozo: try it here in Nigeria….hmm you will see hell

@Babilestar: Not acceptable.

@Fyet Thomas: Should your prayers be a bother to others? I know my God is a god of peace.

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 Woli Arole sets to help girl who prayed on assembly ground

Meanwhile, a little girl wowed Nigerians after she took the stage on the assembly ground at her school and prayed passionately.

In a video posted, the little girl who was in her uniform was captured fervently taking the lead in prayer.

The kid who prayed in Yoruba language started by thanking God and then asking for forgiveness while her schoolmates chorused ‘amen’.

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