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Viral sibling duo: Daughter teaches brother to serve father respectfully

In a heartwarming video of two siblings that took social media by storm, a young girl acted like an unexpected mentor to her younger brother.

The TikTok clip showcased her teaching him the art of serving their father in a respectful manner. The video began with the girl emphasizing the importance of being gentle and careful when placing food on the table for their dad.

With a piece of food held delicately in her hand, she demonstrated the act of softly dropping it onto the table and illustrated the significance of treating their father’s meal with care and tenderness.

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This girl na real old woman

Furthermore, the girl advised her brother to avoid haste and sloppiness when serving their father. She stresses that rushing through the task or being careless could make their father unhappy or unappreciated.

To reinforce the lesson, she performed a contrasting demonstration, quickly and carelessly dropping the food on the table, illustrating the negative impact of such behavior.

Since its upload, the TikTok video gained tremendous popularity, spreading its heartwarming message across the globe. Many comments accompanied the video, some of which are seen below;

@AkunnaJr: “This girl na real old woman. Please someone should like my comments so that I can come back again.”

@AtabeEthel: “There’s nothing anyone can tell me, this is an ancestors.”

@Barble: “She has been here before me that’s why I am learning.”

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Couple discover they’re siblings after 11 years of marriage

In other news, an American couple recently discovered that they’re related after being married for over a decade.

The shocking story was shared on TikTok by @ThemanBrown8. The man said he met his wife in 2008.

And after being together for three years, they married in 2011 and had their first child that same year.

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