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Soldier receives hot slap for assaulting a lady in the mall

Amidst a heated argument in a mall, a young woman resorted to taking matters into her own hands after being slapped by a soldier.

In a video that went viral, it was evident that the soldier accused the lady of being a thief and proceeded to slap her. This altercation led to a heated exchange, resulting in the soldier slapping her once again.

However, the infuriated woman refused to tolerate such treatment and retaliated while asserting, “You can’t slap me like that. I am not a thief.” Onlookers attempted to intervene and resolve the dispute between the two parties.

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Self-defense, protect that girl at all cost

Assaults from soldiers and other security officers like police, navy, SARS, etc. have been a major issue in Nigeria, with some of the victims unable to tell their tales due to the cold hands of death.

Netizens filled the comments of many blogs and social media posts with total support for the lady. See some of their reactions:

@fashion_magicblog: “Uniform people always feel like Mini God…..people will say they are that way because of their training ,it’s not the training,the uniform only brought out their real personality”

@john_blaze_ogbuka: “You people are here hailing her but won’t find out the location where it happened to make sure she’s safe”

@iamskillavibe: “Idan Don die today”

@808andyblayz: “Self defense protect that girl at all cost”

@ocj_inxcess: “This soldiers like claiming their disciplined yet dey lack discipline.

@me___masef__n_i_: “She literally BIANCAed and WILL SMITH the soldier beck. Pls give her her award”

@glow_thriftwears: “Things I love to see. Why choose violence as the first option? Love the fact she was able to return the slap”

@the_ebony_gurl: “She Woze am better slap… something I can do too”

@nnenaya_soso: “Tho it’s wrong to assault a uniformed person but then uniforms should respect themselves and not throw the first punch.”

@maryann.cindy: “even the slap Dey do me somehow for body. Who told u dt u are meant to slap or treat her badly because u wear uniform”

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Nigeria lady shares how soldier ants invaded her pot of rice

In another story, a Nigerian lady took to social media to share a startling video of soldier ants invasion in her kitchen.

The lady had just prepared rice intending to eat it when she returned from school that day, but the ants had other plans for her.

When the lady returned from school, she discovered that soldier ants had invaded her kitchen. This includes the pot of rice she had cooked earlier.

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