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Solomon Buchi advises married men: If your friends don’t see cheating as a big deal, throw them into the dustbin!

Solomon Buchi, a self-proclaimed life coach, has urged married men to associate themselves with other married men who uphold strong family values.

On his Facebook page, he recommended that married men should befriend mature family-oriented men who would motivate them to become better husbands.

Buchi also advised men not to make friends with individuals who belittled them as weak husbands just because they respected their wives.

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He emphasized the importance of surrounding oneself with men who treated their wives with kindness, did not chase after young girls, and regarded infidelity as a grave offense.

In his words: “Married men, you should surround yourselves with other married men who value their families, are respectful to their wives, and consider cheating to be a major issue. You can genuinely befriend mature family men who respect their wives and challenge you to be a better husband.”

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It is wrong for a Christian to put his fortune in his mother’s name — Solomon Buchi

Meanwhile, Solomon recently joined in on the heated discussion about whether a man’s wife should be considered his family member.

He expressed his viewpoint while responding to the trending conversation about Moroccan footballer Achraf Hakimi, whose wife Hiba Abouk filed for divorce. She allegedly demanded half of his assets, but got nothing because his properties were in his mother’s name.

Buchi shared his opinion on Twitter, stating that if a man could not trust his wife with his wealth, there was no point in marrying her. He believed that involving one’s mother in one’s finances was strange and that a man’s next of kin should be his wife, not his mother.