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Stefflondon slams trolls for insinuating that she’s not over Burna Boy yet.

British rapper British-Jamaican rapper, Stefflon Don has slammed trolls who claimed that she hasn’t moved on from her ex-boyfriend, Burna Boy.

The superstar ended things with Burna in 2020 after being in a relationship for two and a half years.

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However, just recently; she made a tweet that said that every thing will change if everyone knows her side of the story.

This tweet was without context but a few netizen have managed to connect the dot and make assumptions that it was in reference to her relationship with Burna Boy.

Nigerians has flooded her comments, criticizing her moves after over two years.

But the diva came with a major clapback, asserting that her trolls had pea-sized brains and stated that she is over them and their antics.

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