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Sterling Bank Code for Transfer (2023)

For easy bank transactions, use the Sterling Bank code for transfer. Once you’ve known this transfer code, banking becomes easier for you.

Sterling Bank Code for Transfer
Sterling Bank Code for Transfer

Sterling Bank is one of the accredited commercial banks in Nigeria, licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria. It began its business journey in 1960 with the ups and downs of being government owned and later privatized.

In 2006, Sterling Bank became a merger of 4  different banks (Magnum Trust Bank, NBM Bank, Trust Bank of Africa, and Indo-Nigeria Merchant Bank), and since then, they have worked tirelessly to give their customers the best services.

Hence, the birth of the Sterling bank code for transfer to ease your banking palaver.

Read on, as we’ll show you all you can do with a simple 3-digit code and how it can change your banking experience.

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How to Use the Sterling Bank Code For Transfer.

Sterling Bank Code for Transfer
Sterling Bank Code for Transfer

You will use the shortcode *822# to transfer money from the sterling bank. It is the same code whether you want to transfer to a Sterling bank account or another bank account.

The good news about this is that it can work on any mobile phone. You don’t necessarily need to have an Android or iOS to get your transfers done.

Follow the steps given below to make quick, easy, and secure transfers

  • Dial 822*Amount*AccountNumber# on your alert line. 
  • Confirm Transfer details 
  • Enter your transaction PIN.

For example, if you would like to transfer N7000, you will dial *822*1234567890*7000#

Note that a VAT inclusive of N21 will be collected if transferred to a Sterling Bank account, while an inclusive VAT of N52.50 will be deducted from your account.

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Sterling Bank Code to Check Account Number

It is very easy to check your account number. If you’re unsure about your account number, follow the steps to learn your account number. You don’t need to visit a banking hall.

  • Dial *822*8# on your alert line.
  • Insert your PIN
  • Your account number will be displayed on your mobile phone 

Note that a service charge of N10.05 will be taken for this transaction.

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Sterling Bank Code to Block ATM Card.

If it’s an emergency for theft, follow these short steps to block your ATM.

  • Dial *822*19#
  • Select the ‘Hotlist’ option
  • Follow through the rest of the instructions to block your ATM

Sterling Bank Code to Block Account

You could also block your account using this Sterling Bank USSD code or transfer code.

  • Dial *822* 911#
  • You will be asked a few questions
  • Follow the instructions given to block your account.

How to Check Account Balance using Sterling Bank Transfer Code 

You can easily check your account balance if you are a Sterling Bank customer by

Sterling Bank Code to Buy Airtime

If you want to buy airtime for yourself, simply dial

*822*amount# and send for example *822*500#

If you want to buy for another number

  • Dial *822*amount*phone number#
  • Enter your PIN
  • you have successfully bought airtime for another number 

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List of Transaction Charges for Sterling Bank USSD code

You will be charged an extra fee if you use the Sterling Bank USSD code for transfers or any other transaction. 

Don’t worry; it’s not a terrifying amount. It is something little. However, it is still important to know these fees. Here they are

  • Checking account balance – N10.05 (VAT inclusive)
  • Retrieving your account number – N10.05(VAT inclusive)
  • Transfer to Sterling Bank Account– N21 (VAT inclusive)
  • Transfers to another bank account – N52.50 (VAT inclusive)
  • To make Bill Payment – N105 (VAT inclusive)
  • For Merchant Payment – N20.NG

How to Activate Sterling Bank Transfer Code

Before you can use the USSD transfer code, you must activate it on your mobile phone. Here is how

  • Dial *822*1*Account Number# on your alert line
  • Follow the instructions, and dial in your personal information and 6 digits on your ATM card, where necessary. 
  • Create a unique 4-digit PIN.
  • Enter your PIN again to confirm.
  • You would receive a message if your activation was successful 

Other Sterling Bank Services Using Transfer Code

Sterling bank shortcodes can be used to perform other basic bank transactions like checking account balances, purchase of airtime, etc.

Here are some bank services and their code

CodesTransaction type
*822*amount*account number#Transfer to Sterling or another bank account
*822*amount#Airtime top-up (self)
*822*amount*phone number#Airtime top-up (others)
*822*28*amount*merchant code#Pay Merchant 
*822*6#Check Balance
*822*2#Pay bills
*822*7#Open account
*822*8#Check Account number 
*822*42#Cardless Withdrawal 
*822*19#Card Management 
*822*15#LCC Toll Payment 

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Requirements for Sterling Bank Transfer Code 

Here are a few requirements you will need to use the transfer code

Sterling Bank Account Number

You must know your Sterling Bank account number to activate the transfer code. You can check on your chequebook or visit the nearest branch to get your unique account number. 

Sterling Bank Debit/Credit Card

You also need your debit or credit card (ATM card). The last 6 digits of the number on the card are important to activate the Sterling Bank USSD code.

Alert line

Your alert line is the line linked to your account. It is the phone number you receive alerts on. You used it to open your bank account. This is the only number the USSD code can work for you.

However, you can always change the number by visiting the bank with the required documents.

Mobile Phone

The good news is that any mobile phone can use this code. So you do not need an Android phone or IOS device before you perform basic bank transactions.

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FAQs On Transfer Code For Sterling Bank

What is Sterling Bank transfer code?

Sterling Bank transfer code is the short code used by customers to perform basic bank transactions. It is *822#

What is Sterling Bank USSD code?

The Sterling Bank USSD code is *822# which can be used for transfers, airtime purchases, account balance inquiries, and if you want to open a bank account. 

How to activate Sterling Bank USSD code

To activate the Sterling Bank USSD code 
Dial *822*1*Account Number# on your alert line
Follow the instructions given 
Create and confirm your PIN 

How to transfer money from Sterling Bank using USSD code

Follow the steps given below to make quick, easy, and secure transfers

Dial 822*Amount*AccountNumber# on your alert line. 
Confirm Transfer details 
Enter your transaction PIN.

Easy transfers and basic bank transactions are just a code away. We’ve shown you the code and how you can use it. Keep banking with ease.

There is other information like this on this site. Check out our site to know the shortcode of your other bank.

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