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From Nigeria to Britain: Inspiring story of a Nigerian Student born with a British accent

University of Benin (UNIBEN), Edo state, has been in the spotlight recently after a Nigerian student, Aaron, was filmed speaking with a British accent.

The video that brought Aaron to fame showed him being questioned by a female classmate about his thoughts on the female students in their department. In a follow-up video, the classmate asked him how he managed to speak so fluently with a foreign accent.

According to the student, he was born with the accent. His father, who is a spoken English teacher, also influenced his acquisition of the accent.

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Aaron explained that he watched BBC news and British television, which helped him perfect his use of the British accent.

The British-speaking Nigerian stated that although he can speak Pidgin English, he prefers not to do so because it doesn’t match his British accent. However, the female classmate requested that he spoke in Pidgin English to demonstrate his ability to communicate.

The UNIBEN student gained attention for speaking English with a British accent. He expressed his hopes to work as a journalist or news reporter after graduation.

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Nigerian student shows off dollars his landlord gave him in appreciation

Meanwhile, a Nigerian student, Ahamba Bestman, posted pictures of the $100 note that his landlord gave him as a thank-you gift on social media.

The 23-year-old student claimed via his Facebook page that the landlord, who had just returned from the US, gave him the dollar bill on the morning of January 22.

He stated that his landlord told him that he heard good things about how he took care of his property while he was away.

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