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I will just do rub and shine: Nigerian student uses 1 bag of pure water to bath

A Nigerian lady shocked many after she bought a bag of pure water to take her bath because there was no water in her hostel.

In a TikTok video, @tare_baby shared that she was forced to get a bag of sachet water which was sold to her for N350 because she needed to head out and could not wait for the water to be pumped.

She immediately got the sachet water and started pouring it into a black bucket, after she poured all 20 sachets of the water, the power was restored and they started pumping the water.

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The young woman was so disappointed that she had to use that amount to take her bath but stressed that it wasn’t a problem because she needed it which was why she took the measures.

Reactions: Been there, done that

The video had many social media users walking down memory lane. While some smiled and shared that they also did it in school, legends advised her that she should have used 3 sachets. See some comments below;

@Maryjane Valerie: next time don’t pour it inside the bucket, use it from the sachet it will be more than enough

@Michael Lynx: na 3 satchet we dey use bath

@Derby❤️: 350 naira for 20 pieces ha !😭

@Oma: I will just do rob nd shine it can’t be me 😳😳

@Yipeee: But fr schools should be selling this tins cheaper Like why students go they buy sachet water for 350 when people outside sell for 200..

@Man_nie: Been there.done that😂😂😂

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Nigerian students pay school fees with plastic bottles

Meanwhile, a Nigerian school got netizens talking on Twitter after it was discovered that students paid their school fees with plastic bottles.

The school, located at Ajegunle called Morit International had a policy which students to paid their fees with plastic bottles.

According to a Twitter user, @Nsukka_okpa, the students are tasked to bring 5 bottles a day to cover for fees.

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