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Tech: The New In Thing

Do you know how oil and gas was a career everyone wanted to go to? They would scream out “oil and gas, oil and gas”. Guess what? Tech is the new oil and gas. It’s the career that everyone wants to go into.

Scratch that, it’s the career everyone is in currently!

Tech, tech, tech! 

Okay, we get it. We understand that tech is everything that everyone wants. The technology industry is now the hottest industry everyone wants to go into. Some say it’s because we’re in a digitalized world.

So much focus is on technology. We want to see ways in which we can improve ourselves or better still, create something.

The surge of technology in our lives has led to all kinds of new career paths that didn’t exist even just a few years ago. I mean, who knew about product design or UI/UX designing years ago? Come on, up till now, people graced other careers like being a doctor or an engineer.

Let’s be honest. Working in a technology-related field is beneficial for your career and your personal growth. People love that it is a fast-paced environment that offers a lot of creativity. 

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Why tech?

I’ll tell you one thing. Money!

Money makes the world go round for some people, and tech now brings that money. 

A tech career offers incredible opportunities for younger workers, particularly members of Gen-Z who have grown up with technology as part of their daily lives. There are different jobs in the tech industry, and each one of them is unique and interesting. 

Not only do tech jobs typically pay better than an average job, but they also provide workers with added flexibility with their schedules and access to generous benefits packages. It was arguably the first sector to adopt remote working, even before the 2020 pandemic.

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Why do young people love tech so much? 

Not only do tech jobs offer young people the kind of job flexibility they crave, such as the opportunity to work remotely from just about anywhere with an internet connection.

  1. The tech industry is moving with no signs of slowing down. As technology advances, the demand for tech talent will continue to grow which means a continued availability of IT jobs.
  2. Most IT jobs also offer extremely flexible working. Young people love remote work and tech is mostly done remotely. This flexibility allows for a better work-life balance which makes IT careers attractive.  

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Do you want to go into tech?

Congratulations to you if you want to go into tech! You need to know some things though. Don’t go in expecting a lot of money in the first year, take it easy. There is a lot of competition and many people earn differently.

It’s never too late to consider making the shift into a new career in tech. You need to do your research; there are many IT jobs that you can major in, so you need to know the right one that fits your personality.

One way to land a tech job with no formal experience in the tech industry is by collecting smaller pieces of experience to demonstrate your skills. You can do an internship! Luckily there are many free and paid courses that can assist you.

You don’t need to have a relevant career or full-time job on your resume; short-term or part-time internships look good too.

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As the technology industry expands, job opportunities will not only increase, but also skyrocket.

If you want to go into tech, you just have to think about your skills and if you can handle it. Don’t do “follow-follow” because everyone is doing so. You need to know what you’re doing!

But if you can, go in and get that schmoney!!

Oluwatoyin Odunuyi
Oluwatoyin Odunuyihttps://linktr.ee/ToyinAjua
Oluwatoyin Eria-Ajua Odunuyi resides in the bustling city of Lagos, Nigeria. In 2020, she received a BSc in Mass communication from Caleb University and specialized in print journalism. Toyin loves to write romance novels because she is obsessed with living in a never-ever-land and often lives through her books. She presently owns a 5-year blog called "An Inclusive Kind world" where she speaks on Autism and society's role in pushing for awareness and inclusion.