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The Ubang community where men and women speak different languages

Typically, the difference between a man and a woman has always been their gender; the body parts and other differences. Never before has this difference in the form of language spoken been seen until meeting the Ubang community.

This Ubang community is located in the southern region of Nigeria in Cross River state. It lies in an isolated area that is geographically nestled between two mountains in Obudu local government of Nigeria. The community is made up of 3 villages Ofambe, Okiro and Okwersing.

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Ubang community

The Ubang community has an interesting form of communication that is inherently influenced by gender. The man has a language (Ofe) that is entirely different from that spoken by women (Araseke). It is unlawful for either s3x to speak the language not assigned to their s3x by their ancestors. In fact, such people are considered an anomaly in the community.

Regardless of the language difference, the people of this community understand themselves clearly. 

The Ubang community where men and women do not speak the same language

As a language culture deviating from all norms and reasoning of communication, the children of the community, including e the male children first learn the language of the women. Only at this time is it acceptable and not an oddity for the males to speak the language of females in Ubang community.  Then, at the age of ten, young Ubang males are expected to discard the women’s language and speak Ofe.