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This is unbelievable: Little blind girl reads bible perfectly, amazes many

The video of a young blind girl reading the Bible has captivated the attention of numerous online users, leaving many amazing by her ability.

In the video, the girl was reading a Bible verse out loud using her hands, and many people were quite amazed.

The little girl also smiled, showing that she was really enjoying the moment as she read the holy book.

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Blind girl reads Bible 

Even though she read using braille, many people were impressed by her clear and proper way of speaking.

Her post made many people happy and also encouraged them to read their bibles.

As of the time this report was made, the video has gathered almost 500,000 likes with over 13,000 comments on TikTok. 

Reactions: She has a supernatural gift

Netizens called her reading ability a gift and they appreciated her, read some of the comments below:

@TF IS A BRIZ: People are saying braille is beautiful SHES beautiful Amen✝️✝️

@Nisha?: Braille is so beautiful 

@Danyel: Are you serious?! ? She has a supernatural gift from God!!!


@Chudney McNair: Her cute southern accent gives it so much life! ?

@Mira Na’Imah ?: That’s so amazing. Braille reading seems difficult. God bless this little precious!

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Blind girl braids her friend’s hair and ties gele

A very gifted Nigerian blind girl who braided her friend’s hair and can tie gele has wowed many netizens.

In a video Michael Thompson Showunmi shared on Twitter, the girl named Victoria pulled off the impressive feat.

Victoria braided a student’s hair while skillfully parting it with a comb and acting like she could see everything she was doing.