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Thomas Tuchel settles Mane and Sane

Thomas Tuchel says the row between Sadio Mane and Leroy Sane has been settled.

Tuchel hailed the way it was resolved by the players and the larger Bayern Munich squad.

Mane was fined and dropped by Bayern for punching Sane after the Champions League match against Manchester City at the Etihad.

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He will miss the Bundesliga encounter with Hoffenheim on Saturday.

Speaking ahead of that match, Tuchel revealed that he had brokered a resolution between the pair.

“That’s settled,” Tuchel said. “A game and a fine are the consequences of what happened.

“I didn’t see it myself because I was in the coaching room. Of course I immediately spoke to everyone involved, the players and the staff.

“Because it concerned us and because it was a blatant incident, it was important that we clarify the matter before we start the next training session. We did that yesterday.

“We have cleared up everything so that we can train positively with each other again.

“The way both players involved dealt with it, and the way the other players dealt with it, it had a cleansing effect. We had a positive atmosphere yesterday and today.”

Tuchel defends Mane

Tuchel continued by defending Mane, and lamented that the incident had leaked out from the Bayern dressing room.

“I’m the first one to defend him,” the ex-Chelsea boss said.

“I’ve known him for a very long time and only know him as an absolute professional.

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“I also know his entourage. He has never been guilty of anything. It was against the code of conduct, he recognized it and apologized.

“That’s why he has me with him. It’s important that he was back in training right away, that was also important to the players.

“It would be so nice that if something happens in the dressing room, it stays there. Then we wouldn’t have to discuss that now. Everyone makes mistakes.

“Sadio made a mistake. But he – just like Leroy – acted in a very exemplary way. I wish it stayed in the dressing room.”

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