Tiktok gospel songs of 2022 | battabox

You’re probably wondering, Tiktok gospel songs of 2022? As in the normal Tiktok that everyone knows? Or mayhaps there is already a church somewhere named Tiktok Evangelical and Revival Ministries that has a studio for churning out gospel songs?

And as for those who are scoffing that “what kind of church name is that?”, here we have quite a few others:

Tiktok gospel songs of 2022 | battabox

But yes, back to Tiktok gospel songs, possibly and most probably marketed and sponsored by Tiktok Evangelical and Revival Ministries.

The place where the social meets the spiritual, views are not tight, and comments cement your haven in heaven.

Jokes aside, though, they’re quite real… no, not the church, the songs. And we’ve dilly-dallied enough, so let’s get right into it.

Kumama Papa (Refix) – Prinx Emmanuel

Clement Whyte and Grace Lokwa performed the original Kumama Papa song, which was then remixed and remastered by gospel artiste Prinx Emmanuel.

According to the latter, he found the track on Tiktok and decided to “make something out of it”.

Tiktok gospel songs of 2022 | battabox
Prinx Emmanuel

And make something he did, because owing to its nicely composed vocals backed by Emmanuel’s versatile capabilities, the track has become a smashing sensation.

It is one of the top gospel Tiktok songs of 2022, with a review by Trendybeatz describing it as “moving deeper into the marrow and opening the door of worship in the spirit”.

If that doesn’t sound nice, then it’s hard to say what does. View the video below:

You can also download the track from the link below:

Download Kumama Papa (Refix) by Prinx Emmanuel


Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) – Hillsong United

This is not a new song, as almost everyone can easily hum along to the tune of “Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders, let me walk upon the waters”.

Oceans was released in 2013 by Hillsong United, a worship collective that stemmed from the Hillsong Church in 1998.

Since then, it has become a staple song for spirit-invoking and emotional videos like this below:

This is the kind of video that people take one look at and immediately plan an impromptu wedding the next Saturday because of the sheer wealth of emotions.

Nine years after its release, this song is still trending as one of the top Tiktok gospel songs of 2022.

You can download it from the link below:

Download Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) by Hillsong United

Omemma – Judikay

Just like Oceans, Omemma is not a new song, as gospel artiste Judith Kanayo, also known as Judikay, released it in 2019 off her debut album ‘Man of Galilee’.

Omemma means “God does good”, and it is a song that speaks life, along with powerful lyrics. Or at least that’s how Ceenaija describes it.

Omemma is one of the top tiktok gospel songs for 2022


So who asked for my #omemmachallenge ???🤣🤣🤣 Here it is o!🤣🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️ #omemma #omemmachallenge #omemmabyjudikay #omemmaslowmochallenge

♬ Omemma – Judikay

You can also download it via the link below:

Download Omemma by Judikay

Gyara Parkin – Mallam Razphil

Hailing all the way from Winterfell and Borno state comes contemporary and reggae Nigerian gospel artiste Mallam Razphil with his single Gyara Parkin (Too Late).

Tiktok gospel songs of 2022
Mallam Razphil

What’s too late? Nobody can categorically say. Someone probably said, “The North can never produce one of the best tiktok gospel songs of 2022”, and Razphil replied, “Oops! That’s too late.

Then he added, “We’re even going to do you one better, and make it one of the top gospel Tiktok songs”.

Sounds like a Game of Thrones storyline. Only here, the song is the one aiming for the Iron Throne. And it will rearrange the parking of anyone who stands in its way and put a wedge on them.

No, seriously, those are the lyrics. Check it below:

You can also download the track via the link below:

Download Gyara Parkin (Too Late) by Mallam Razphil

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Desire – Limoblaze ft Emandiong

Truth be told, nothing is as satisfying as a gospel song that allows you to praise the Lord while still enjoying afrobeat.

And Limoblaze’s Desire does just that. You cannot listen to it without bobbing your head or wanting to jump to your feet.

In fact, it’s a perfect antidote for those of us that form “class” while in church, because you’re already on your feet and throwing off your wig or jacket before you remember that there’s one fine human that you’ve been trying to impress.

Oops! Too late now.

Just look at the energy, both from the crowd and the artiste. The track was released just a few months ago, but has quickly gone viral, becoming one of the top Tiktok gospel song of 2022.

Feel free to download it from the link below:

Download Desire by Limoblaze

End Note

Gospel music in Nigeria is typically perceived as spiritual; therefore, many would think such a genre of music should not exist on Tiktok.

However, this article has established that gospel music found its footing in the social media platform (Tiktok) more in 2022.

The big question is, what should we expect in 2023? More gospel songs on Tiktok? Let’s find that out on Battabox.com as we continue to provide you with articles about social media trends.