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Top Social Media Challenges That Went Viral

Uselessness births creativity and I agree, because a lack of purpose gave people enough time to create social media challenges. Ever participated in a challenge? I bet you had fun doing it, even if you flunked.

In this post, we will discuss some of the top challenges that took social media by storm in recent times.

What Are Social Media Challenges?

Now, when I say social media challenge, I’m not talking about the issues or problems of social media. That’s far from it, and it’s not like I care.

What I mean by challenges, reader, are fun tasks you carry out on social media, perhaps in relation to an ongoing trend, or a recently developed dance routine. I remember my favorite one from last year, the Silhouette challenge (details to come below). I slayed that challenge, you don’t even want to know. My Twitter following went from a mere 500 to a shocking 2,700+, and I’m not playing.

Asides from boosting your online presence, most social media challenges are generally fun and easy to do. Be it TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat, there’s a challenge for every medium if you know where to look and what hashtag to use.

Now, in this post, I’m not going to discuss any recently-trending media challenges (that’s what Google’s there for). What I will discuss are the greatest challenges of all time, and you don’t want to miss them.

Quick Reads:

How To Start A Social Media Challenge

I can assure you this doesn’t require a Harvard degree. All you need is a phone and (this should go without saying) access to a social media account.

Having got that, the first order of business is good music. I’m not talking about classical songs here. Find something that’s just the right amount of trendy and catchy, something that won’t put people to sleep, and create a unique dance for it.

After that, build a hashtag. This is easier than 2+2. Your hashtag can be anything, any name doesn’t matter as long as it’s related to the concept of your challenge … and has the word challenge behind it.

For example:#RedRoomChallenge or #MannequinChallenge

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Top Recent Social Media Challenges

Social media challenges have various origins across the globe. Some are famous, some are not, some are sensible, and some are downright reckless. Did you hear the case about Gorilla Glue Girl, the one who lathered her hair with glue and needed surgery? Yes, Little Miss Foolish.

Can’t say if her issue was a challenge per se; I just mentioned it because it’s funny.

Haven’t seen the video? Let me help you out. What are friends for?

Watch: The Adventures Of Gorilla Girl

Now, let’s discuss some of the social media challenges that went viral in seconds.

Silhouette Challenge

This is my favorite to date. I won’t tell you why just yet. The silhouette challenge trended for many weeks after its release on social media. It featured the retro song Put Your Head On My Shoulder by the Canadian singer Paul Anka. Personally, I don’t think the late Anka would approve of his legacy coupled with depravity, but he can’t speak, anyway, so his opinion doesn’t really count anymore.

The challenge was sensually distinct due to its must-have reddish filter and provocative concept. People who participated in the silhouette challenge would post an actual silhouette of themselves dancing or stretching, naked as the day they were born and leaving A LOT OF NOTHING to the imagination.

Top Social Media Challenges

Now you know why it’s my favorite. Use the link below to feast your eyes on sample videos of this challenge.

Watch: A Compilation of the Silhouette Challenge

Mannequin Challenge

Just like the silhouette challenge, this challenge trended for a long time and became very popular. People doing the mannequin challenge only had one task. Stay very still regardless of whatever they’re doing. In the many videos published, you’d find people caught in awkward (and sometimes, impossible) poses, trying very hard not to twitch.

Top Social Media Challenges
Hehehe! Good luck with holding that pose, fam

It was a very fun challenge, I’ll give you that. Use the link below to see sample videos.

Watch: A Compilation of Mannequin Challenge

Crate Challenge

A saying goes, “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop” and I agree with that. While some challenges may be fun and easy to accomplish, some are not. In fact, they are highly dangerous. A good example is the crate challenge. Whoever came up with this challenge deserves either a trophy or a psychiatric ward, given how you look at it, because I cannot imagine why anyone would attempt something so reckless.

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However, there was never an end to people trying to accomplish this challenge, and then failing in the most tragic way. I heard about one lady who fell from the peak and broke both her legs. Sucks for her, having to exchange crates for crutches.

The intrigue is undeniable, though. The crate challenge looks oddly simple, and the task is so easy you might want to try it. Build a stairway from a stack of crates, as high as possible, then walk the entire perimeter of the stairway, climbing from the base to the peak and down the opposite base. The peak is the hardest point, the trap set by Lucifer himself, and while some successfully pass, others end up in the hospital for their efforts.

Top Social Media Challenges
This dude probably made a crater when he hit the ground

Watch: A Compilation of Crate Challenge

Shedibalabala Challenge

Another one of my faves. This one was inspired by DJ Basplit and Hypeman BobbyBanks’s song Shedibalabala, and it made waves after its release, especially in Nigeria. We like crude things and this dance challenge was no different.

Though suited for women who are fans of nightlife, the challenge also had men vibing to it. Those who had the talent (and butt) used it well, flexing and twerking their glutes to the sweet beat of shedibalabala.

Watch: A Compilation Of Shedibalabala Challenge

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Don’t Leave Me Challenge

Unlike its brothers and sisters, this one didn’t spend too long on the “hot trends” table. It’s a challenge that involves someone telling some lousy-ass joke with a cringy punchline and having someone shout “Don’t leave me” as soon as they deliver the punchline.

Not as active as the rest, it was still engaging enough that a few Nigerian celebrities participated in the challenge. I wouldn’t do it because I’m horrible at telling boring jokes (I mean, who wants to look foolish?) but they enjoyed it, so good for them.

Watch: A Compilation Of the Don’t Leave Me Challenge

You Want To BamBam Challenge

This one is a vibe! It’s a dance routine like shedibalabala but with a different song that came out not too recently. Goya Menor and Nektunes added some alterations to the famous Ameno song and that created a social media challenge that went viral within the first week.

Of course, the target audience was ladies, but men can also be daring if they wish. Generally, the challenge was enjoyed by all and many personalities participated throughout the period of its reign.

Watch: A Compilation Of BamBam Challenge

Buss It

Lord, did I want to buss!

This challenge emerged sometime in the year 2022 and became a whole different pandemic. You would find scores of ladies across different continents “bussing it” on their TikTok.

Top social media challenges

Not only was the track catchy (Buss It by Erica Banks) but the challenge also had a nice concept. The video would start with girls looking like nuns until they do a “butt drop” and transform into strippers. Thinking about how they moved still gives me tingles. That’s how wild this challenge was.

Must Watch: A Compilation of Buss It Challenge

Charlie Charlie Challenge

This is only on my list because even I can’t deny how popular this challenge was, which is funny because, personally, I don’t think there’s anything remarkable about it. I could even go further by saying it was exalted by the ones with no imagination but I guess no one asked for my opinion.

How do they play Charlie Charlie? Two pencils are balanced on each other over a sheet of paper inscribed Yes and No at the various cardinal points. Wow, such fun. You ask a question (imagine!) and if the pencil moves (or, more practically, someone blows on it), that’s “Charlie” answering you from the other side.

Hogwash, I say! Why not spend better money on an Ouija board and have a real ghost visit you? Or what happens when Charlie himself decides to turn up?

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Kulosa Challenge

If you’ve never listened to Oxlade’s song, Kulosa, start there. The hit track (released on April 13, 2020) made the artist famous worldwide. After the media company posted the video on Youtube, the dance challenge came to life on TikTok; users began making dance routines to the song while others tried to copy all of Oxlade’s moves in the music video.

In all fairness, the Kulosa challenge is one of the best dance challenges out today, and due to the recently-released remix with Camila Cabello, it’s still trending, just in case you wish to bust out a few dance moves.

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A Word From Battabox

If you’re thinking of starting a new social media challenge, I implore you to really use that brain of yours to come up with something just as fun and entertaining as these challenges listed above. Who knows? Your challenge might be the next big thing, or might not even last the night.

Guess it depends on what occupies the space in your cranium. Good luck.

Feel free to leave your questions below. I don’t promise any answers.

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