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Trendy Hairstyles for Men You Should Try in 2023

Are you about to go in for a haircut and you don’t know what style to go for? Or are you just interested in knowing the trendy hairstyles for men in order to stay on top of your game? Don’t worry, you have come to the right place.

The beauty of a woman, they say, lies in her hairstyle. Perhaps so does a man’s too.  As a man, one of the very first things people notice about you is your hairstyle. It influences people’s first impressions of you.

Today, we live in a society where appearance is everything and your hairstyle has the sole capacity to make or mar your appearance. Your hairstyle can also boost your confidence, so it is very important to put so much thought and effort into your next trip to the hair salon.

hairstyles for men
hairstyles for men

With every new season in the fashion world comes a plethora of new hairstyles for men and most of these hairstyles are not going out of trend anytime soon, so it is better you keep up with the trend. 

Whether it is to attract the beautiful girl at school or to impress your boss at work, or you just want to look fresh, we have put together in this article, a list of cool hairstyles for men that will help you up your fashion game.

Trendy Hairstyles for Men

Low Cut for Men

low cut for men
low cut

This hairstyle remains one of the most common hairs cut for men in history. If you do not like to experiment and take risks with your hair, then this is the perfect hairstyle for you. It does not involve much hassle, and sometimes, less is more. The haircut is perfect for the ‘9-5ers’ who want to look corporate at all times. 

Skin cut hairstyle for men

Next on our list of cool and trendy hairstyles for men is the legendary skin cut. This is the hairstyle that most men grew up with. It is a bold haircut that very few people can pull off.

Just as the name suggests, it is achieved by shaving off all the hair on your head till only the skin is visible. It is a very beautiful hairstyle for those who can pull it off, especially when combined with full, lush, and well-groomed beards. Very few haircuts can actually top this one. 

Afro hairstyle for men

This hairstyle is achieved by growing out your natural hair till it reaches the length you desire. The best part about this hairstyle is that it gives you a wide range of options to fall back on if you are tired or wear it as punk.

The tricky part, however, is that it is a bit hard to maintain as you have to wash, condition, deep cleanse, and even change the style from time to time, or else it starts to smell. 

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Dreadlock for men

Gone are the days when only the people born with natural dreadlocks can rock this hairstyle. Nowadays, women and also men can now make their own dreadlocks. A lot of Nigerian celebrities today have dreadlocks.

In fact, it seems to be the official hairstyle for artists in the music industry, with important figures like Burna boy, Omah Lay, Fireboy, Joeboy, Rema, Olamide, Runtown, Naira Marley, Mayorkun and a lot more, proudly and confidently rocking their dreadlocks.

Dreadlocks are however very stressful to maintain, just like afros. But they are also very versatile. You can style your dreads in so many ways as far as your creativity can take you. You can decide to make it long or short, you can also decide to dye it. The range is endless. 

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Low cut with side fades

Now, if you want to look classy, formal, and at least 5 years younger, this hairstyle is definitely what you should go for.

It is achieved by basically fading out the sides of your lowcut to lean more towards the skin cut with well-shaped outlines at the front. Combine this with your lustrous, well-groomed, not too-bushy beards, and throw on a well-tailored suit and you will turn heads everywhere you go.  It is the “crème’ de la crème” of men’s fashion.

Braids for men

If you want to take your hair game a notch higher, grow out your natural hair and have it professionally braided at a salon. From bold and brave designs to small and subtle ones, there are braid designs for every gentleman. Although the most common one is the regular Allback style because it looks good on everybody.

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Punk for men

This is another very trendy hairstyle among men in Nigeria and this is mainly because it fits everyone. It is a type of afro, but the back and the sides are faded or cut a lot lower and the high front is properly trimmed and shaped. Punk is a type of low cut with side fades but the front is an afro.

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Afro galaxy for Men

Afro galaxy is a very popular hairstyle among Nigerian men. It is a type of afro that is not so high and has slight fades on the sides. This hairstyle is sleek, edgy, versatile, and classy that allows you to add your own little spins to it.

Hair Care Tips for Men

It is safe to say hair care is not a woman-only affair. Even as a man, you need to take proper care of your hair as much as you take care of every other part of your body.

Here are some tips to help you take care of your hair properly;

Keep your scalp clean

A very important hair care tip is to keep your scalp clean at all times. Maintaining a clean scalp will protect your hair follicles, reduce the risk of hair loss, minimize skin irritation, and keep dandruff off. When washing your hair, massage your scalp gently to remove dirt.

Wash your hair regularly

Use a gentle men’s shampoo to wash your hair regularly, depending on the hairstyle you have on.

When shopping for your shampoo, look for the ones that are made with natural ingredients like coconut oil, aloe vera, and jojoba oil because some of the shampoos in the market are packed with chemicals that can strip your hair of their natural moisture and leave it dry and susceptible to breakage. 

Condition your hair regularly

After washing your hair, you should always use a good conditioner to moisturize it. While shampoos are designed to cleanse your hair and remove excess oil from your scalp, a good conditioner will help you retain moisture in your hair and also keep it shiny and healthy.

Get a haircut regularly

It is important to get a trim regularly in order to keep on top of your hair. It is highly recommended that you visit the barbershop every four to eight weeks. Going a long time without a trim will not only result in hair breakage as a result of split ends, it will also have your hair looking rough and unkempt

Dry your hair the right way

Always remember that your hair is very fragile, especially when it is wet and you should be gentle when drying your hair. Therefore you should avoid towel-drying your hair because the cotton of your towel can pull on your strands and weaken them.

Now that you are up to date with trendy hairstyles, you can easily step up your hair game and also learn how to take proper care of your hair.


Most people would agree that no matter how well-dressed a guy or man is, their haircut determines how they are perceived or profiled in society.

If you think this is untrue, you can try to decide by yourself by taking a look at yourself in the mirror when your hair looks unkept or full and out of shape. A man’s hair is one of the ways they retain their confidence. Hardly would you see a man going out for job interviews, date nights, or ceremonies and would not have a great haircut.

By the way, one might spend more time trying to decide which haircut would best fit an occasion or his mood for a period of time. This article on Trendy Hairstyles for Men You Should Try in 2023 will save you time and stress.

Now you can simply take a look at the haircuts and styles in this article and thank Battabox later.